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A winter walk on the beautiful Bristol downs…

Yesterday was simply stunning. I mean, just incredibly stunning. It was one of those winter days where you just don’t mind that it is winter, in fact it’s the kind of day that can make you fall in love with the season.

With the sun streaming though our windows we decided that a day like yesterday should not be wasted and that we must get outside immediately, if not sooner!


So, we wrapped up warm and off we went to enjoy the crisp air in our lungs and the wonderful sun on our faces. And we certainly were not the only ones! Every runner, doggie owner and Bristol dweller had turned out in force to enjoy our own little bit of the sunshine and lap up this stunning day!


The downs is such a beautiful place to go and it is far from just sports pitches – although there were a lot of children playing football yesterday! It has some very magical views and a great little forest that can be explored! It’s certainly worth making the trip to the other side to take in the views of the Portway.


This is where we drove up to so we could explore the woody area and wandered though the mud – it really did feel like we had visited the countryside! (a very novel experience for a Whiteladies Road resident)


It was also prefect doggie watching weather, with mini dogs and huge dogs having the time of their lives. We spent far too long watching a little sausage dog that looked like it was his first day of freedom ever! Watching those tiny little legs running as fast as they could, competing with the longish grass really did really make us giggle!


Another reason that I love a day like yesterday… Everyone is happy and everyone seems to be smiling! Every person, couple or group we walked past said hello or gave us a nice smile – it was all very neighbourly!


Our Bristol downs may only be small, but it really does feel like it’s our little slice of country side!





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