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Meet Vicky…the newest member of the Dream Team!

Three, they say, is the magic number, but I’ve never been one for odd numbers, so I’m particularly excited to introduce the newest member of the It’s Just Nice Dream Team, who has taken us to a nice, round four!

Everyone…meet Vicky!


We’ve known Vic for a good year or so now, but unfortunately we’ll be losing her at the beginning of this year as she goes off travelling the globe. On the plus side, she’ll be blogging about her travels, so we can follow her every step of the way.

To help you get to know her a little better we set her some questions to answer. Hopefully this should give you a bit of insight into what makes our Vic tick!

1. Describe yourself in three words:

Pint. Of. Thatchers.

Being a ‘proper’ Bristolian, I can’t stray too far from the ideals of my homeland which in itself means a Thatcher’s gold isn’t ever far from my lips!

There’s no doubting though that this isn’t the most descriptive three words I could have given you and just so you can get to know me a little better than ‘I love cider’, here’s three more words that describe me…….Passionate, impatient, trusting.

2. What do you love most about living in Bristol?

Bristol is eclectic. Everywhere you look there’s a contradiction or a difference and I’ve always loved that the architecture in particular reflects this. When you look across the Bristol skyline you see rows of multi-coloured houses, dappled with 60s high-rise flats, next to the dockside pubs and all sat just in front of Cabot Tower. Let alone the fact that everywhere you look there is real human expression. From the graffitti that covers old stone buildings to a city with the ability to turn an underpass into a market, the vibrancy that Bristol screams no matter where in the city you are is hard to miss.

But most of all I love the people. Ready and raring for whatever comes around the next corner, Bristolians will always have a smile on their face and an ‘alright mate’ to passers by. It’s home.

3. What’s your signature dish?

Can I say pasta and ketchup?! Don’t stress, I like my food more than that. I think I’d say banana bread. Are you allowed to choose a desert as a signature dish? Oh well, I’m doing it – banana bread. I’ve made this too many times to count, but always get rave reviews in the office and at home (thanks guys). The secret is how ripe the bananas are. And after a recent dark chocolate drop revelation the recipe got all the more awesome.

4.What’s your foodie guilty pleasure?

Cheese. Cheese, cheese, cheese. I love the stuff. One day I think I might turn into a giant Port Salut round I love it so much. Not matter how bad a day it’s been, as long as I have a glass of red wine and the strongest cheddar, most flavoursome Blue Stilton or the creamiest brie I’ll be a happy bunny. Right, my mouth is watering…I’m off to the shop.

5. Who was the last band/DJ you saw live?

That would have to be the beautiful and talented Duchess at my recent house ‘cooling’ party. These two always know how to bring the fun and have caused some fairly tame nights to turn absolutely wild with their booty shaking abilities.

Oh wait, you mean outside of my home?? That would be the stunningly awesome Diplo at The Warehouse Project in Manchester, blew my socks off and not for the first time either.

6. What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

ABBA. Because why the hell not.

7. Describe your style in three words:

Pretty. Casual. Grungy.

8. What’s the one item of clothing you couldn’t live without?

Trainers. I love them, live in them and would own every single shade of vans, converse or high-tops possible if I could. When it comes to trainers, my appetite is insatiable.

9. Where are most likely to find you on a Saturday night?

Depends what mood I’m in! I’m very much a ‘phase’ person. If you’d asked me this spring I would have said a cosy pub with mates, if you’d asked me in summer I’d have said bbqing in the sunshine and if you’d asked me in autumn I’d have said out out out, up all night and dancing to something with A LOT of bass. Right now, on the run-up to Christmas, I think it’s at a friends house with a few bottles of wine. I think the summation of all of the above suggests with friends! No matter the season.

There’ll be plenty more to come from the lovely Vicky over the coming months, so keep an eye out for her travel posts!


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    December 13, 2013

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