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What we think is just nice this week…

Just think…this time in two weeks you’ll probably be sitting round the table, digging into the mother of all roast dinners – Christmas Dinner! Personally, I’ll probably be in the pub, as in recent years my Mum has enforced it as a new tradition. Bucks Fizz and nibbles in the morning, followed by a visit to the pub until mid-afternoon, then home for Christmas Dinner, followed by cheese, wine and lots of games. It works for us and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But of course there’s lots more to get excited about between now and then, so make yourselves comfortable and let us tell you what’s been getting us in the Christmas spirit this week!


20131211-163142.jpgThis week Cloe’s highlight is…

Getting the Christmas tree up!!!

This week my highlight isn’t really that inventive, but getting our Christmas tree up certainly was ace and I am sure if you have got your tree up it will be a highlight for you too! There is nothing quite like going out in the cold, all wrapped up warm and choosing your little bit of Christmas which is going to take residence in your home for the next month. Now, I am a little bit of a tree snob and I do believe that everyone should have a real Christmas tree – its just not the same if you don’t… So, as you have probably guessed we have a very lovely real one which smells amazing!

I think that one of the funniest parts of getting your tree is trying to transport it home – it really didn’t seem that big when we picked it out! We managed this task squashing it in the front seat while I attempted to drive us home with no view out of my left side! It was an exciting journey home.

Decorating the tree itself is probably the most fun part in this Christmas ritual – who doesn’t love hanging sparklingly stuff up! I must however confess that I did manage to blow the lights before they went onto the tree… I thought it would be a good idea to keep the lights on whilst we put them up. I was wrong… But I do believe it wouldn’t be the same unless something went wrong! A quick trip to Wilko’s saved the day!

All in all I love my Christmas tree and it is bringing me lots of joy everyday – I hope that if you are able to have a tree that it is giving you lots of joy too! It’s just nice!

This week Meg’s highlight is…

Like Clo, my highlight is suitably festive, but on a more overall scale – I had a thoroughly festive weekend and I’m loving it!

On Sunday Will and I went to get our Christmas tree, which involved a similar performance to Cloe’s – trying to fit a tree that’s too big, into a car that’s too small, and then trying to fit two human beings in with it. We’re lucky enough to live in a converted school building, so our ceilings are pretty high – this normally means we end up with a beast of a tree! Luckily we didn’t have far to go, so I only had to spend a few minutes with my face pressed into the side of a fir tree.

photo 1

Cloe, looking exceedingly festive outside The Albion!

Once we’d got the tree home I headed back out to meet Cloe at The Albion in Clifton. The plan was to get some Mulled Wine, sit by the fire and have a good old catch up, but on arrival we discovered they didn’t have any Mulled Wine – only Mulled Cider and Winter Pimms. Being a West Country girl through and through I didn’t hesitate to choose a steaming mug of Mulled Cider, and after being informed that the Winter Pimms was 25%, Clo didn’t take long to decide she wanted a mug of that! We pulled up a couple of comfy chairs by the fire, and proceeded to waste two hours putting the world to rights. If you’re looking for somewhere seriously snug to while away some time then I’d definitely recommend the Albion – it was just what the doctor ordered!


When I arrived home Will was fit to burst, waiting to decorate the tree, so we stuck on Arthur Christmas and set about taking the fairy lights down from around mirrors, and round bannisters (I like to keep them up all year – is that weird?) and got stuck into decorating the tree. Having spent four years working in interior design I’m afraid to say I can get a little pedantic about what goes where, so Will – this is my public apology – I don’t mean to be so anal, but doesn’t it look nice?!

Here’s the finished result!

Christmas in my house!

Christmas in my house!


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