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The Friday chair dancer

I am having the BEST day for music! You know where you just discover artists after artist, track after track, each one more banging that the last! Well today is that day for me and it all started with this mix:

I still haven’t listened to it all because I keep having to go and research the song in the mix and then I get lost for half an hour or so on one artist because all of their tracks are amazing. The mix is by 3 Dutch dudes called Panik Disco who use the words “Tropical” and “Bass”, a lot, which are two words I like – a lot. Anyway, it’s got me in the party mood for sure and I’m not just chair dancing I am just full on dancing! And I get to carry on that party vibe this evening as me fella is DJing at Bass Kitchen tonight along side A Skillz- amazing! Bass kitchen will be at Timbuk2 from 11pm-5am, it will be about a tenner to get in but if you have not seen A Skillz DJ before it’s bloody worth it, and if you have not seen DJ H’inglish DJ before that’s blooming worth it too, there’s going to be a lot of jungle and D&B from him. Come and dance with me.


This week Frankie’s been chair dancing to…

Well the above mix but also this song from Buraka Som Sistema “BOTA”.  Buraka Som Sistema did an amazing remix of Major Lazer’s “Bruk Out” (I prefer it to the original it’s that good) so I don’t know why I hadn’t delved into their world sooner, anyway I am there now and this track is going to be well played by me especially as I am on a tropical bass vibe at the mo. The group are from Portugal and their music is a fushion of techno beats with the Afrian zouk and kuduro genre (I have to admit I do not know what this is, but I’ve started my research) and they are credited with creating “zouk bass”- go team!

This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

In stark contrast, I’ve had a bit of a shoddy day with music, other than the amazing stuff Franks has passed my way! I’ve been sick all week with this bloody cold that everyone seems to have at the moment, which means I’m missing out on ALL the fun tonight, but hopefully a night off tonight will put me in good stead for Frankie and I to DJ at our lovely friend Helen’s 30th tomorrow night…hopefully!

Anyway, Frankie can take full credit for my choice this week. She sent me an emailed entitled ‘MATE’ (she does this a lot!) and in it was a link to aboutkit. I don’t know anything about these guys, other than that they’re from the Netherlands, but their music is RIGHT up my street. Frankie likened them to Jus Now (who we LOVE), but I’d go one step further and say they sound like what I imagine would happen if Jus Now and Major Lazer teamed up and made sweet, sweet music – interpret that as you will!

Either way – it’s mental, it’s bashy, it’s loud and slightly messy and I absolutely love it!


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