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The Friday Chair Dancer

Everybody breathe a collective sigh of relief – it’s pay day and we’re no longer poor! WHEEEEEEYYY!

So now that we’re not skint, what are we going to do? Well…go out and spend it on things we don’t need, like cider and CDJs (maybe that’s just me), but as we hit December there’s one thing we’re all going to have in common – the need to go to ALL the parties, because that’s just what you do in the ‘festive season’! And what’s the one thing you need to get you in the mood for copious amounts of partying? A good old chair dance!

Here’s what we’ve been loving this week, and what’s going to be our theme tunes as we dance our way into the party season.

Happy bloody Friday everyone – we all deserve a drink for getting this far!


This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

Everything You Never Had (We Had It All) by Breach.

This track has been bubbling away since Breach smacked us in the face, in the audio sense, with one of the best tracks of last year; Jack. I still haven’t got bored of that track, despite it being played everywhere for the past six months, and I have a feeling the same is going to apply with this track.

Everything You Never Had is absolutely everything I’d ever want from a house track. Soulful female vocal – check. Dirty bass line – check. Old school 90’s vibe – check.

And the best part?

Breach is a Brizzle boy! Gwaaaaan my love!!

This week Frankie’s been chair dancing to…

My guurrl Ms Dynamite, coupled with my boy DJ Fresh. Ok not my guurrl or boy but I’m sure if we met we’d all hang out and have a lovely time, maybe. No we would, we definitely would. Anyway…This song is a sort of remix of Jay Fay’s “Dibby Dibby”, well less of a remix and more of a collaboration. Jay Fay released Dibby Dibby a while back and it’s a straight up banging moombahton track and now Fresh and Ms Dynamite have got their musical mits all over it and have created a song that I am currently listening to at least five times a day. It’s still a banging moombahton track but it’s got more depth, and a few more drums, and of course it’s got the vocal genius of Ms Dynamite who, in my opinion, is the best MC ever. I listen to this and imagine I am actually a superstar MC and not someone who struggles to say words and frequently has to just give up and say “blugghhgaaaah, that word”. Ah man, I’d be the worst MC ever “MC mumble”. You can’t buy this track yet but it will be released early next year, go pre order it…


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