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What we think is just nice this week…

We’re into the final stages of the year and the final month is only but 3 days away, which means its nearly chocolate advent calendar time – I will finally be able to start eating the chocolate that has been taunting me in my kitchen. However, on Sunday it is not only the day where I get to start tucking into my advent calendar, it is our wonderful Megatron’s birthday!!! This of course means that she deverses to be treated like a princess and have all of her demands met!

What a great way to kick off the silly season with a Just Nice team birthday and a bit of a party! (Thank you Meg’s mum and dad!)

If your finding something this week that is ‘Just Nice’ (other then Meg’s birthday) let us know by tweeting @Its_Just_Nice or comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice

And congratulations to @simplelampoon who has won 2 tickets to @TemwaUK‘s 10th anniversary party, supported by @pieminister, hosted by @AtBristol! – it’s going to be a cracking night!

This week Cloe’s highlight is…


I think its relatively well documented that I’m just starting to try and get back into exercise after my surgery, and although its taking its time, it has meant that I’ve had a chance to really start enjoying it again.

For the past say, four to six months I have been using the Blogilates website. This is basically a site where a very happy clappy American women works though exercise routines, focusing mainly on Pilates, hence the name. This week however I have finally started to see a change and I am finally able to nearly keep up with her – It feels like such an ace breakthrough because I think up until now I have been doing a bit of a poor job… But that is why it is ace because its free, your doing it in your own time and you can go at your own pace and ability!

If you’re new to it all I would highly recommend using her Beginners work out calendar – its really good!

All in all Casey, you’re ace, and it feels so nice to be achieving something!

This week Meg’s highlight is…

bzWell, apart from having very wonderful friends who write extremely sweet blog posts about my birthday (yes – I’m looking at you Clooe!) my weekly highlight is Duchess related!

Tonight Frankie and I will be DJing alongside Ibiza Rocks resident Pat Nazemi aboard the good ship Thekla, at Bristol’s biggest hip hop night, Brooklyn Zoo! Now those of you who know us will be going “But you don’t DJ hip hop?” but we’re hoping to bring a bit of a Moombahton spin to your usual hip hop classics (get your ears round our mix below to hear what we’re talking about), and with Moomba creeping into the mainstream *sound the hipster klaxon* it’s about time we started representing at alternative club nights, eh?

Doors open at 10pm, entry is just £3 and drinks are a gob smackingly cheap £1.50, so if you’re up for some school night raving get yourselves down there. We’re hoping to follow in Diplo’s shoes, and get a twerk wall going, so if you can twerk (and we ain’t talking Miley style) – we want to see your faces (and bums!)


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