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Pay day millionaires! Our pay day wish list…

Here at It’s Just Nice we really like nice things. I know I speak for all three of us when I say we spend a fair bit of our time looking at, and pining over, all the lovely things we’d like to own if we were real life millionaires. And last month, during a particularly intense session of lusting after things we’re too skint to actually buy, our Cloe had a brainwave. Why not turn this into a blog post!

And so, the pay day wish list post was born. Judging from your reaction we’re not the only ones who spend too much time ‘fantasy shopping’, so whilst the original post was initially a one off, we had so much fun doing it that we’ve decided we’d make it a regular thing.

So if, like me, you spent this weekend feeling a little glum about the fact that pay day is still over a weekend then don’t worry! Get fantasy shopping and all will be good in the world! Well, until you realise that your taste is definitely at odds with your means, but whatever…

Meg’s Pay Day picks…


I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of black ankle boots for a little while now, and whilst I think I may have found the ideal ‘smart’ solution in these babies from Office, I think these patent little lovelies from River Island might just have to be my ‘casual’ back ups!

At just £38 they’re a  bit of a steal, and they look like they’d be well comfortable. They’re also pretty bloody 90’s, which is never a bad thing.


Next up is this amazing Lily Mirage Tee by Escapology for Topshop at £25.00.

I didn’t know anything about this brand until I wandered into Topshop on Saturday and fell head over heels in love with this T-Shirt. I still don’t know much about them other than everything they do is completely 100% up my street and I want it all.

I actually queued up to buy it (naughty) on Saturday morning before I checked myself and decided to wait for pay day – how bloody sensible is that?


Finally, I’m going to opt for this gorgeous pink skater skirt by ASOS – an absolute bargain at £18.00!

I love a skater skirt, but they’ve been a bit of a recent revelation to me. At 5’2″ I’m quite short, and despite being an 8-10 I have a massive ass that can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare to dress! Step in…skater skirts! They nip me in at the waist, skim over my bum, and make me look like I have normal proportions – just about! They can also be dressed up or down relatively easily, and I love the way ASOS have styled this model – I’ll be copying this look for sure.

Cloe‘s Pay Day picks…

asos wolly hat

Woolly Letters Hat ASOS – £9

Who doesn’t love a woolly hat with a big bobble and how much does everyone need a woolly hat with a big bobble now that it has turned slightly arctic outside? I, for one, definitely need a wooly hat with a big bobble and this is the thing that is first on my pay day wish list!

This little cutie is from ASOS and is currently reduced to £9 from £12 – what a bargain! And it’s an easy purchase to justify because first off,you NEED it because it so cold and its only £9 so in the month of buying for others it’s an acceptable treat for yourself!


ALDO Kovarda Boots – £109.98

Boots, boots, boots! You can never ever have enough boots and coats! Well, I think that is my excuse for kinda taking over and filling the spare room with coats and boots… But that doesn’t change the fact that these lush Kovarda boots are on my wish list!

These are another reduced bargain from ALDO that where £160 now down to £109.98 – it would be criminal to let them go! But they haven’t just made my payday wish list because they are reduced, I am in NEED of a brown pair of long boots. I currently have a lush pair of over the knees from Kurt Geiger and they have been doing a smashing job of keeping my legs warm and now I need a brown pair for those days black just won’t do!

frock and frill

Frock and Frill Embellished Shift Dress with Tassels – £85 (from ASOS)

It’s Christmas party dress season and this embellished beauty has taken my fancy! Maybe I have been watching too much Boardwalk Empire, or I’m a little bit in love with Gatsby, but either way I love this 20’s inspired sparkly dress! A good party dress is a must and in my opinion £85 is a pretty good value! It’s totally worth investing in!

Frankie’s pay day picks…

I’m going to Jamaica for Christmas *pauses to look smug* so all I want is a new bikini! I have been looking for the perfect two piece to strut my stuff on some white sandy beach but I am struggling at the moment.

1. It’s COLD! And I can not get it into my head that I’ll ever be warm again, ever.

2. I really want this lobster bikini but it’s from the 40’s and you can’t actually buy it.

lobsterI showed it to my boyfriend and he laughed at it. I did suggest he wear the male version- this led to more laughter…If anyone can point me in the direction of a lobster bikini like this I would be very grateful. Or a bikini in this style at least. Thanks 🙂


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