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What we think is just nice this week…

Watch out everybody, because something big is happening this week. No, I’m not talking about the Bank of England’s forecast that the economy is growing faster, and unemployment is falling sooner than expected (although this is a massive win!). Nor am I referring to the fact that Strictly Come Dancing star Natalie Gumede is fit enough to dance this week *sarcastic face*.

No…above all of these momentous occasions is one stand-out date. Tomorrow is our very own Frankie’s birthday!

With this in mind, most of our energy will be reserved for being extremely excited about Frankie’s big day tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s what else has been geeing us up this week!


Meg’s weekly highlight is…

The triumphant return of Lily Allen!

I come from the generation who discovered Lily Allen via the King of all social media platforms – MySpace. I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt just a little bit cool for having ‘Smile’ as their profile song (remember those?!) before Radio One started playing it.

Seven years, two babies and several million albums later, and our Lils has come a long way.  Her mission, however, remains the same – saying exactly what everyone else is thinking to the tune of an incredibly catchy pop track.

Her comeback single, Hard Out Here, pokes fun at the state of the music industry, and primarily the middle aged old dudes who control it. The track itself is classic, witty Lily Allen, whilst the video is equally brilliant – complete with some good old female objectification, some phallic references and some obscene balloons – as you do!

Cloe’s weekly highlight is…

Putting the winter duvet on!

Now this sounds like a terribly boring highlight, but this week I decided that it had reached that stage where I needed to put the winter duvet on. This winter duvet nonsense has only been a recent revelation, since last year acually. Before the two duvet life I always just either a. put on more layers, possibly even my dressing gown or b. got the blankets out and layered them up. This was until last year when my boyfriend got sick of those options and fed up of being a little chilly in bed, so he went out and bought me a brand new, super thick and super cosy duvet! This has meant that now the weather has turned I get to look forward to climbing into my lovely, cosy bed and know that its going to be a lush warm night!


Frankie’s weekly highlight is…

IT’S ALL ABOUT ME! ME! ME! ME! I’m going to be 29 tomorrow and I swear my mental age is still 7 when it comes to birthdays, if I calm myself down a bit and actually think about what I’ve enjoyed this week I will say that it is….

The audiophiles radio show. Meg actually shouted theses guys out on Twitter this week and I was like, oh yeah I haven’t listened to that yet so I went to listen to it and was blooming brilliant, again, as it always is. In fact, their radio show is fast becoming a highlight of my week. If you do not know who audiophiles are- they are a group of Bristol musical folk who meet up once a month to discuss all things music- new releases, gigs etc. Meg and I have been meaning to go for almost 2 years now! Slap our wrists for not being better, we’ll go to the next one!

Anyway, I’m rambling- here is their latest radio show I listen to it on Soundcloud but you can catch them on BCFM at 10pm. It’s got something for everyone, a really eclectic mix of just great music. The presenters are wonderfully charming as well, I like everything about it basically…


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