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What we think is just nice this week…

Is it only Wednesday? Really? REALLY?!

This week has gone at such a snail’s pace that I’m starting to feel like it’s going backwards, which is probably a sign that I’m starting to go ever so slightly loopy. What’s even more annoying is that I’ve been so crazy busy that it really should have flown by. Basically this week is not fair. Not fair at all.

Anyway, enough moaning from me. Let’s have a natter about what we’re looking forward to and what’s been making us smile this week.


This week Meg’s highlight is…


Not got any plans for Halloween? Not sure what you’re up to this weekend? GREAT – come to Deadfest!

Hosted in the underground vaults of Timbuk2 this Friday 1st November, Deadfest is going to be a Halloween party to rival all others. With a stellar line up of local bands and DJs, including Radio Nasties (totally working the 50s Rockabilly vibe), Duvet Vous (legendary house collective who can party harder than all of us put together), Jus Now (the best thing to come out of Bristol in a long time) and many, many more, the night is guaranteed to get you doing your best zombie shuffle.

Halloween fancy dress is encouraged, and there’s even a prize for the best one. However, if you arrive minus a costume don’t panic – there’ll be a professional make up artist on hand to make you look good and dead at the Zombie-fication station.

Entry is just a fiver and all funds raised go towards Redfest, the east Bristol community arts and music festival, which takes place every August in St George’s Park. There you go – good cause box ticked too!

However… a final word of warning. Whilst we’ve done our best to keep the un-dead away, they have a way of finding their way back in again, so keep your eyes peeled for Zombies – you might see one or two lurking in the shadows!

Find out more on the Facebook event page.


This week Cloe’s highlight is…
Last Thursday I dusted off the scales and decided to get my bake on for the office cake sale which was to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Now I like to consider myself a bit of a domestic goddess in training, and getting my bake on really did remind me how much I love actually doing it. There’s something so satisfying about putting a load of stuff together, giving it a mix, popping it in the oven and then being presented with a beautiful little cake! A little cake that you created that will bring some yummy goodness to all around!
As the cake sale was for Breast Cancer Awareness I decided to bake some coconut and raspberry cupcakes so that they would be pink! And I have to say my little cakes where rather bloody tasty – even if I do say so myself! I think it would only be fair for me to do post on how to make them so keep your eyes peeled for a post coming soon…
All in all, baking = ace, doing something for charity = ace! Doing them together makes me a very happy bunny indeed!



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