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The Friday Chair Dancer…

I haven’t contributed to the Friday Chair Dancer for a little while now *hangs head in shame* but this week I felt reinvigorated to start getting my groove on again in my office chair! This is mainly down to my Chair Dancer choice this week, but also it’s really fun bouncing up and down wiggling my bum on the wheelie chair!

So my advice to all all – give our tunes a good listen and get your Friday Chair Dance on!

This week Cloe’s been chair dancing to…


This song is awesome and some how perfectly sums up that after party vibe – slightly bleary eyed, a little bit tired but very satisfied that it’s been an epic night. The video is also really enchanting  and sucks you into watching the whole thing. But the main reason I love this song is because of the old school Drum’n’Bass beats throughout – it takes me back to a time where music was a little bit simpler. All in all I think this basically is a bit of an epic anthem.

Also a bit of side knowledge to the vocal on this track – the singer, Becky Hill, appeared on series one of The Voice! Now how about that!

This week Franie’s been chair dancing to…

Loads of dancehall! There have been a few riddims popping up on my Soundcloud stream that I’ve been massively into, namely Mary Jane (which sounds like it should be played during a 70’s porn film), New New and Going Home. And I’m going to play a track that is from none of them, good work Frankie!

The song I’m going to pick is by QQ feat. Venomus, it’s a Major Lazer remix and is called “One Drop”. The original is a great track but Major Lazer has gone and taken it up a few steps! They’ve upped the tempo and heavied the bass- good work boys, just what I like to hear. I’ll definitely be dropping this at Deafest on the 1st November- come and drop it with me. And if anyone does the one drop dance I’ll be your best friend forever- I think it would be quite a challenge at 130 BPM but I’ll give it a go…

This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

Ha! I was going to choose that QQ Major Lazer remix too! Great minds thinking alike there Franks.

As a second choice I’m going to go for another remix, from another member of the Mad Decent family; Dillon Francis. If you’re not familiar with Dillon Francis then I’d highly recommend following him on Twitter and Instagram, as he’s absolutely hilarious, but he’s also a crazy talented producer and DJ. He was signed to Mad Decent after three months of bombarding Diplo personally with mix tapes of his tracks, and I bet they haven’t looked back since, as everything this boy touches turns to gold.

This particular remix is of a track called Night Is On My Mind by Oliver, a band who are a fairly recent discovery for me, but who are quickly becoming a firm favourite. Sound wise, think a little bit Daft Punk, a touch of Chromeo and a hell of a lot of 80s, with a generous sprinkling of electro house for good measure. This remix has much more a Dillon Francis touch – deep, heavy and a bit dirty, but it’s a combo which I can guarantee will  go down a storm when Duchess next plays this out!


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