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What we think is just nice this week…

Payday is ever looming and wow doesn’t it feel like it has been a long month! I am not sure if I am the only one who has thought this, but it does feel like time has been slowing down… I think the reason that I am being impatient is because I want to buy some more new stuff! We all contributed to a blog post yesterday (which you can read here) on what we want to buy this payday and its all I can now think about it – I want to be a shopping monster!

Anyway if your finsing anything ‘Just Nice’ this week, or just in general, let us know by tweeting @Its_Just_Nice or comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice


20131023-141617.jpgThis week Cloe’s highlight is…

My new Nike trainers!

This sounds a little random but I am going to be ‘graduating’ from physio very soon and they are sending me on a course to learn how to manage my recovery and get back in the gym. This is something I am really proud of and its a bit of a milestone – I have been having physio for about two years due to my spinal surgery so this is kinda a big deal. So, I thought the only right way to celebrate this was buying some new trainers! Technically, I do need them because the ‘graduation’ course will be involving getting back in the gym but I am not sure they needed to be Nike and have neon pink at the bottom! Anyway in short I am totally in love with them and it’s getting me very excited about starting the end to my physio! (And looking a bit cool while doing it!)


2 comments on “What we think is just nice this week…

  1. Jack Filose (@JackFilose)
    October 23, 2013

    Congrats Cloe! Nice kicks 😉

    • Cloe Grimsey
      October 24, 2013

      Thank you! I shall once again be able to be buff! Boom! x

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