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Payday treats! What we want to buy this payday…

This is kind of the last pay day of the year that can be selfishly spent… The next couple are usually reserved for Christmas presents, which I do like buying but do slightly begrudge when it means I have to miss out on my monthly treat! So seeing as this pay day is your last chance this year to be a little decadent and cheer yourself up after all of this vile weather, we thought we’d pick out a few crackers to get your spending juices flowing and wishing pay day would just hurry the hell up!

Cloe’s pay day picks…

I love a pair of boots – I like to throw caution to the wind when it comes to buying boots (and coats!) and in my opinion you can never have enough! So my first pay day pick is these really lush little pair of white New Look booties that are £64.99. The way I’m justifying another pair of boots to my boyfriend is that I don’t currently have a white pair and I NEED THEM!


My next pick is this River Island pink biker jacket, at £120 (I am clearly sticking with what I know)! This year I have been loving winter pastels – I don’t quite know why, but I feel like I need pastel coloured leather in my life so this little number seems to fit the bill! I think with everything seeming a little grey sometimes its nice to add some colour! (Meg is doing a wonderful job today by sporting a lush neon pink jumper!)


I see a little theme developing in my picks today… Everything seems to be a little nude in colour, but sod it, that’s how I’m going to choose to represent myself this Autumn / Winter!

So next up I’ll hopefully be purchasing this very lovely floral ASOS dress at £45. This dress is going to be a great all rounder that I’m going to be able to dress up and wear casually, but I also think its going to look ace with some black leather and tights, how practical!


I can’t not pick something from Zara because I just love them so much! At the moment my most coverted item is this lux fur shopper which is crying out to be bought! At £75 it’s in the realms of acceptable spending, but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to explain yet another massive Zara box showing up on my door step!


Now if money was no object and I suddenly had a stash of cash I would certainly be splurging on this to die for Mawi ornate leaf necklace with crystal tier that comes in at a cool £595! I LOVE Mawi and I am quite fortunate to own a few pieces, but at £595 it might just not be affordable – like, ever! But if you want to spend your afternoon drooling at their beautiful jewellery check out their site. It’ll make you wish you were a little bit richer (that is the rest of my afternoon planned out!)


(Lawrence if you are reading this I promise I won’t be buying all of it… just some of it!)

Meg’s pay day picks…

Oooh, this is a dangerous post, but a bit of a genius idea on Cloe’s part. Fantasy shopping is so addictive!

First up on my pay day millionaire wish list is this beaut of a sweatshirt from Topshop. I’m a Topshop girl through and through, and having worked  there for a few years in my teens I’m always slightly loathe to spend money there, as I remember the good ol’ days when I used to get discount.

Anyway, at £34 this sweatshirt isn’t going to break the bank. It also treads a line between granny chic and slightly chavvy, which as a rule is my kinda style!


Next up on my wish list are these babies, which I discovered (to my horror) are now discontinued! I actually went into Office to buy these and they didn’t have them in my size. Rather than persevere and track them down online I took this as a sign from God that it wasn’t meant to be – this probably had a lot to do with the fact that they were £95, and the sensible voice in my head knew that was an obscene amount of money to spend on trainers. But now I’m still pining for them…and now I’m going to have to try and buy them on eBay…ARSE.


This is a dead cert for me – I’m DEFINITELY going to be buying this come pay day. At just £22 from River Island this is a bit of a bargain, and it ticks all my boxes. I’ll be teaming this with black tights, tan leather Chelsea Boots and something grey on top!


Finally, true to form, I’m going to settle on some Pat Butcher-esque earrings! Anyone who knows me in ‘real life’ will know that massive, tacky earrings are kinda my thing, so I couldn’t not include these babies – £18 from Johnny Loves Rosie on ASOS.

They’re gaudy and totally over the top, which means they’re right up my street!


Frankie’s pay day picks…

I love jumpsuits. They’re your one stop shop for when it comes to just rolling out of bed and chucking on an outfit that looks awesome but required absolutely no time or effort.  And because I want to wear all of the velvet and it’s Autumn so tartan is ace, I’m going to pick this fabulous jumpsuit from Asos. It’s £60 but that’s a lot of outfit.

vevlet jumpsuit

Got to pick some boots, love me some boots and as I said before I want to wear all of the velvet so  I quite fancy these Velvet boots from Plus they are only £38. My boyfriend will say it’s because they are cheap. I don’t care I’ll only wear them this Autumn and the black and white contrast is ace.


To go with my lovely new velvet boots I would wear this lovely black and white crop with my skinny black jeans. £27 again from Yayer.


Chuck this awesome velvet jacket over that outfit and I am indeed wearing all of the velvet and almost everything from Yayer! This jacket is also from them and is £90. It is also sold out- bummer



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