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Burger Theory at The Golden Lion, Gloucester Rd

We don’t need to tell you this, but we’re going to say it anyway, just to emphasise the point…we LOVE burgers. So when the team at The Golden Lion dropped us a line to ask if we’d be interested in popping in to their pre-launch event to try their new burger menu we practically chewed their hand off. Yes, Golden Lion, there is nothing more that we’d like to do than come and eat burgers and listen to some excellent local jazz and drink beer in your lovely pub – count us in, thank you very much!

If you’ve never been to The Golden Lion then now’s your excuse. It’s always been a great destination for live music, and whilst I can’t comment on the food prior to Burger Theory taking over the kitchen, it’s always been a great pub. Now that the Burger Theory guys have pulled a ‘Meat and Bread‘, and set up in the pub’s kitchen, it’s gone from being a great pub to being a bloody excellent pub!

photo (25)

Now for a little about Burger Theory, the brains behind the burgers! Originally founded in Brighton, Burger Theory came to Bristol after founder Rory realised it was the land of opportunity when it comes to burgers, and they’ve been here ever since – if you went to any of the Bristol street food events throughout the summer you probably would have seen them. They put a lot of emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, animal welfare and innovative flavour combinations and from our experience last night, they’ve certainly hit the nail on the head with the latter!

The menu at Burger Theory is simple and cheap – a good start! There are no crazy concoctions, but instead lots of combinations which have been well thought out and most burgers come in at the £5 – £6 mark. Sides are ordered separately but this still means a generous serving of burger and chips will cost you less than a tenner. After a little deliberation we made our choices and this is what we went for…

Meg had…

The Blue Cow – beef, Dorset Blue Vinney cheese and tomato relish, served on a white bun with a side of Cajun fries – £5.50 for the burger £3.50 for a big portion of chips.

photo (26)

Blue cheese makes everything better as far as I’m concerned, and this burger didn’t disappoint. The burger itself was ‘dripping down your chin and you don’t even care’ kind of juicy and it was topped with a very generous serving of cheese -NEVER scrimp on the cheese! In fact, it was SO good that I’ve just sat here staring into space for the past few minutes, just thinking about it…

Will opted for the Cock-A-Doodle-Oink – Southern Fried chicken, crispy bacon, oak smoked Cheddar and jalapeno relish – £6.50. I reckon this was a contender for the best burger out of all of the ones we tried, as the Southern Fried chicken was amazing. Spicy, crispy and crunchy but still really succulent and tasty. Will’s a bit of a burger aficionado and his exact words were “This is the best chicken burger I’ve ever had”. High praise indeed!

As for the chips? I don’t know how to convey quite how good these were in words, but they were pretty much perfect. I’m a fan of a chunky chip, and these were bigguns! Seriously crispy on the outside, but on the inside – so fluffy! And all covered in a Cajun seasoning with real kick. I’m losing it a little over these chips…I think I need to stop now…

Frankie had…

I like things hot so I went for the Haba-Oh-No! Beef burger infused with Habanero chillies, lime, garlic and cumin. Topped with after burn cheddar and sweet habanero relish. £6.50


One word, well it’s a sound actually “mmmmmmm”. I ate this so quickly I actually shocked my boyfriend, Klynton, and finished mine before everyone else (I know, I know. It’s not a race). I really love my food but can be a bit of a sparra when it comes to portion sizes, this burger was so good I needed it in my face as fast as possible. When it was served to me the chap said “good luck with that” so I was anticipating some extreme heat but actually it was not as hot as I had expected. It has a lovely flavour and a good taste of chilli but no burn. This is not a complaint. I was raised on very hot food so my tolerance to spice is high. I suggested that they add some extra spice to the order for people like myself which they said they would feed back to the chef.

Klynton went for what I guess is your entry level burger, the Cheese Theory. Beef and ground bacon burger with oak smoked cheddar, gherkins, American mustard and toamto relish all in a cheesy buns. – £5

I can tell you that’s there’s nothing “entry level” about this. It’s a king of a burger. What’s not to love? Beef and bacon topped with your classic burger flavours inside a beautifully cheesy bun. Wonderful. When I asked Klynton what he thought his response was much the same as mine “mmmmmmm”.

Cloe had…

I ordered the Karma Masala which is a curried falafel burger, served with spiced mango chutney. At the bargain price of just £5 I think it was certainly worth it. I did also dig into the Cajun chips which were on the table.


In a word my burger was lush! The burger itself was quite dense and very filling, but having the mango chutney in there certainly did give it a lovely sweetness and seemed to be the perfect match. It was really nice to go for something that’s a bit different and that’s almost ripped the rule book up when it comes to burgers – it worked wonderfully!

Sometimes the veggie option on burger menus can be a little bland and limited, usually just with a simple bean burger – after all, the main principle of eating a burger is to eat meat! But Burger Theory has clearly put some thought into this and their three veggie options are all pretty tempting. They include spicy three bean burger, a herby mushroom burger and of course my Karma Masala!

I do however think on my next visit (I am of course going to go back soon because it was ace) I will be trying Will’s Cock-a-doodle Oink – I had a sneaky bite and fell a little bit in love!

I also have to mention our chips as well. Now I am a big chunky chip fan and ideally you want a lush soft potato in a crispy shell – these cheeky chappies did not disappoint! They were divine, totally additive and for me personally ticked all the boxes for awesome chips!

I think that our empty boards show just how tasty it was!


So the verdict on Burger Theory? You have to go! If you’re even remotely into burgers then you’ll love it, and it’s such a bargain that it’s really not going to break the bank. They open officially tonight, Friday 18th October, with 50% off all burgers and live music, so if you’re at a loose end this evening looks like we’ve just solved your problem – you’re welcome!

And to all the other burger joints in town? You’re going to have to up your game fellas, as Burger Theory are the new kids in town and they’ve landed with a bang!


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