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What we think is just nice this week…

What an Armageddon of a morning and what beautiful sunshine(ish) we now have – I do like weather with a personality!

Our slightly crazy Franks ran to work this morning, which I’m particularly impressed with seeing as I dressed up a bit like a Jedi to face the rain this morning. I also solved the mystery of who buys Miley Cyrus’ music – apparently her key demographic is slightly overweight, tracksuit wearing middle aged men who like to get the bus! I can once again sleep easy now I know who in their right mind would like to listen to Miley!

But anyway, as always, I digress, so let me get down to the job in hand and fill your afternoon with some lovely weekly highlights!

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This week Frankie’s highlight is…

paps'sWeston Super Mare!

I recently acquired a car, I didn’t steal it or anything, my boyfriend let me have his old car, he’s told me I have to pay for it at some point,  or whatever… Anyway, I was excited with my new freedom and I wanted to do something that said “Thanks, you’re ace”. So i decided to take Klynton on a secret trip to Weston Super Mare! The trip turned out to be not so secret as I didn’t know the way to Weston Super Mare but when we got there it was super fun! We went on the Grand Pier and played on the shoot em ups and 2 penny machines and then we went for fish and chips at Papa’s, apparently a very famous fish and chip shop?! I didn’t know this but the fish was good! I highly recommend the trip. Also, what is with the ratio of crazy to sane people in Weston? It’s a goldmine for people watching alone…

This week Meg’s highlight is…

nailsGetting my nails done!

As much as I hate to live up to an age old female stereotype, sometimes a bit of pampering is just what you need.

I discovered the wonder that is Shellac manicures about 8 months ago, and being a life long nail varnish fiend, I can safely say (with absolutely no exaggeration at all!) that it’s changed my life.

No longer do I have scabby, chipped nails. Oh no…Shellac is basically bomb proof and lasts for up to three weeks (I’ve eeked mine out for four in the past)  and I’m totally obsessed. What’s more, I’ve come across a beautician who’s not only a total babe, but also a total bargain!

Liz, at Queen B in Clevedon offers a full Shellac manicure for just £16 – considering the amount of money I used to spend on nail polish in a month I reckon I’m actually saving money!

Book an appointment with the lovely Liz by giving her a call on 01275 876773.

This week Cloe’s highlight is…

Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Don’t you just love it when you haven’t listened to an awesome song in ages and then it comes on your shuffle and you remember how much you love it! This then leads to basically having it on repeat for the next three days. This is what happened to me this week and this is why it is my highlight! All week I have been loving walking along, in my Jedi attire, listening to this bad boy!

Not only is the song ace but today I decided to watch the video on YouTube and it has totally made my whole week – it is pure comedy mental genius from Hot Chip, so not only is it an amazing song the video has left me smiling a lot! It is defo worth a watch!


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