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The Friday chair dancer…

I love October! It’s cold enough that you can wear that pink coat you stalked M&S on twitter for, almost swore at a woman in a shop when she didn’t hand it over to you quick enough and generally obsessed over for a bit. Just me? But it’s not just the coat! It’s also sunny so you can wear your sunglasses. Winter, like the summer only you wear more stuff. I like it.

Right let’s do this then. I hope you all have lush weekend plans ahead of you. Here are our Friday chair dancers to get you in the mood…


This week Frankie’s been chair dancing to…

I’ve been wrapping my ears around quite a bit of dancehall this week and this track, Bunx Up, by DeeWunn keeps popping up on mixes. I don’t think it’s that new so not sure how I’ve missed it, or maybe my head wasn’t in the right place to hear it? Anyway, now it makes me want to shake it! TWERK!

This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

Peppermint by Julio Bashmore.

I wouldn’t be a very good Bristolian if I didn’t champion my own, and it just so happens that it’s easy as pie to champion the hell of Julio Bashmore. Why? Because he’s bloody BRILLIANT!

The past couple of years have seen Senior Bashmore rise to the giddy heights of being on every party playlist worth its salt, and this new track, Peppermint, is absolutely no exception.

Featuring the vocal talents of super babe Jessie Ware, this track is a straight up future classic. If you’re raving this weekend then make sure you get your ears round this – it’s just nice!


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