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The Friday Chair Dancer…

weekendRejoice! The Dream Team are back together!!

The past few weeks have been manic for the three of us to say the least. For me, it’s been the busiest month of the year at work, with all of our big events coming at one – it’s been all hands on deck and I’m actually quite amazed I’ve come out the other side relatively unscathed! For Frankie, well…what can we say? She ran 26 miles, in a foreign country, and finished it in five hours – superwoman! And all the while Cloe has been holding down the fort here like an absolute boss.

Now, however, we’re all out the other side and it feels NICE.

So to celebrate let’s put some tunes on, turn the music up LOUD and have a big old celebratory Friday chair dance! Have a good one you lovely lot!


This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

Rollercoaster by Skream.

I’m going to assume that most of you know who Skream is, but for anyone who doesn’t here are the key facts. Skream is heralded by many to be one of the founders of dubstep, and along with his radio cohort Benga, has brought us some of the heaviest, dirtiest dubstep going.

But recently Skream’s gone for a change  of direction, He’s started making disco!

Rollercoaster is the first track he’s released on his new disco vibe, and it’s just brilliant. It’s retro, it’s up beat, it sounds a lot like Chromeo and I completely love it.

I’ve been chair dancing to this a lot recently, and I’m not even remotely bored of it! Keep those disco bangers coming Skream – we love it!

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Oooh Meg’s chair dancer got me right in the mood! I’ve not been consuming much new music this week because I was in Germany runny a blooming marathon! It was torture, by the way, but I already want to do another one. Mothers, please don’t hate me but I can only imagine it’s like childbirth – you go through the most horrific mental and physical challenge but feel so much euphoria at the end that you forget about the bad bits and just want to feel the joy again, or something…Having never experienced actual childbirth I can hear you all screaming “YOU TRY SQUEEZING A MELON THROUGH A LEMON AND THEN WE’LL SEE WHAT YOU THINK OF A MARATHON”.

Right, slightly off topic! My chair dancer this week is going to be a song that played during the marathon just as I was entering the last kilometre. I knew the end was near, I was very emotional, the Brandenburg tower was almost in sight and I was gearing myself up for my sprint finish and this puppy came on…


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