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What we think is just nice this week…

This week Bristol has been invaded… The students are back in force and with the beautiful sunshine out today they seem to be multiplying at a rapid pace. Now I have no problem with students, I live very close to Bristol Uni so it a good job really but, I am so intrigued at seeing so many young faces all in one place (or walking in groups taking up the whole pavement). All these fresh faces are making me feel very old, old, old! Also lots of them are so trendy – I think I am a bit jealous because there was no way that I was that fashionable as a student… However it certainly is going to give us lots of opportunities for our Bristol style hunter!

In other news I wanted to remind you all that the awesome / bit bonkers Frankie to going to Berlin tomorrow to run an actual marathon! The whole bloody thing from start to finish! I wanted to wish her luck and I can’t wait to see the photographic evidence of her daunting task – She’s so ace! So could luck Lady Franks, smash it for the Just Nice team!

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20130925-145702.jpgThis week Cloe’s highlight is…

Peanut Butter M&Ms!!!

I can’t get enough of these bad boys and I cant stop myself from troffing them down! So let me explain… When my boyfriend was in San Francisco in August I asked him / told him that he needed to bring some of these little miracles home with him. Now he succeed in this mission and I have been rationing our supplies out and being very strict with when and how much are allowed to be eaten in each sitting. Well on my birthday he surprised me and gave me another huge bag! Having this extra bag has meant this week I have gone M&M crazy! I am a women possessed when munching them down! I am certainly one happy camper and if you haven’t been able to ever sample this joy (the are not sold in the UK) if you ever get the chance you will thank me!

What more could a person love: Peanut Butter wrapped in yummy chocolate with a crispy shell! Pure heaven!


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