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Private Dining with

Traditionally you wouldn’t eat a take away in a formal hall with full silverware and crystal. Well a couple of weeks ago I was treated to this very experience because a new takeaway site called invited us to have a private dining experience with them.

A little bit about – they are a new company who are aiming to provide you with posh takeaways! So far they are up and running in Bath and Bristol, but they are looking to go a little bit more nationwide in the near future. So, what is a posh takeaway you ask me… A posh takeaway is where nice local restaurants are able to bring you their fabulous food starlight to your front door! Posh nosh in your jammies on the sofa – score! I reckon you can now say goodbye to crappy takeaways of slightly less than desirable food and hello to actually having a treat in the comfort of your own home!


A few days before the event itself we all received an email asking us to go to the site,, and place an order with either Obento or Siam Harbourside. I was pleased with the choices because I am currently having a full on sushi phase, I can’t get enough of it! I used the site to place the orders and found it was easy to use and worked well. The only slightly annoying thing is that you can only order from one restaurant at a time, so I had to place two orders. However I think under normal circumstances it wouldn’t have bothered me because you usually just order from one takeaway anyway!

It is also worth noting that it is not just Asian food that they they provide, they also have other resultants like Byzantium (contemporary),  Planet Pizza, Biblos (mediterranean), The Burger Joint, The Swan Hotel (English) and Bombay Spice (Indian) to name but a few.


Merchants Grand Hall

The evening itself was held in Merchants Hall in Clifton. This was a very grand location to eat a takeaway in and really did take my breath away when I went in. I spent my first few minutes being in ore of the huge chandeliers, massive mirrors, split stair case, wonderful oil paintings and stunning tableware. I was also chuffed that I have finally been able to see what’s inside one of the huge houses near the zoo in Clifton!

We started with saying our hellos to the invitees and organisers and then we were treated to a very interesting wine tasting – tasting wines that are good to accompany spicy food. Normally when eating spicy food most people opt for a beer, it’s a safe bet and it does going brilliantly well with curry! But we where shown how sweet wines, such as a Riesling, work very well with spicy food because it doesn’t over power the flavours but accompanies and even enhances them. It was very interesting and certainly worth giving it ago – that’s my top tip!


The Riesling wine that was my fav!

It was then time for the main event – our posh takeaway! So what did we choose… I went for a full Obento dinner of Sumo Rolls, Gyoza and Edamame and Lawrence (who accompanied me) had a Thai from Siam Harbourside of Gai Satae (chicken satay), Gaeng phed ped yang (red roast duck curry), Khao phad gratium (rice with garlic). They also provided a few extra dishes on the table so we could have a little taste of what the other dishes were like. I was particularly impressed with Siam’s Harbourside Pad Thai but to be honest it was all very pleasing indeed.

Sumo Rolls and Gyoza from Obento

Sumo Rolls and Gyoza from Obento


Red roast duck curry and prawn crackers from Siam Harbourside

Our takeaways were served up to us on china and by waiters which was certainly a lovely novelty. There was a little confusion around who had what but I think that always happens when more than four people have ordered a takeaway! The food was delicious and certainly better and much fresher than what I would normally expect from my average takeaway. Everyone there seemed to have a great time trying some new foods and being waited on in this beautifully grand location. The founders of the company where sat among us but they didn’t try to pitch us at all they just talked to us about how setting up the new business was going, how the idea came about and what we thought of the whole concept. It was all very interesting and I can safely say that everyone was very lovely. It is also great to see and talk about how this small company is growing in the South West and what they have planned for the future, including some new restaurants on the horizon!

Enjoying some chit chat before the main event

Enjoying some chit chat before the main event

Overall Lawrence and I had a lush evening full of tasty food, some interesting knowledge and lots of chit chat! is a great little site that I will certainly be using – I am still extremely delighted that I can order some amazing sushi straight from Obento without having to go into town! Thats so ace! Like I mentioned before they are currently in the process of recruiting new restaurants they can offer the service to so why not search your postcode and see what posh nosh you can get delivered!

A selection of extra sushi from Obento

A selection of extra sushi from Obento

My parting thought… Next time you fancy a takeaway you should give a go. The choice is good, you will know that it comes from a decent restaurant and it’s alway just nice to support and local business and give a new thing a try! I haven’t yet tried their delivery from home so I couldn’t comment on delivery times etc but after spending the evening with them I do believe that they will do their best to provide you the very best service.

For more info and to check our post code check out their site –


2 comments on “Private Dining with

  1. Alex Galindo
    September 24, 2013

    Thank you for your review Cloe, we had a great time and it was great meeting you and Lawrence. We hope to deliver some delicious food to your home soon! Please keep in touch.

    Best regards,

    Alex – Head of marketing at

  2. Cloe Grimsey
    September 24, 2013

    Thank you for our posh takeaway! It was a lovely evening and I have no doubt we will be ordering soon!

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