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26 miles of German torture…

germanSo, this time last year I ran the Bristol half marathon and was like “That was easy, I should run a marathon!” IDIOT! I am now signed up and, almost, ready to run the Berlin marathon. I’ve done, almost, enough training. There’s an almost theme running here…

There’s only one thing that is going to get me though this. Actually, that’s a lie, there are two things that are going to get me through this.

1. The charities that I’m running it for:

St Peter’s Hospice– They looked after a good friend while he battled, and sadly lost, his fight with cancer. They are the only adult hospice in Bristol and they do so much good for families to make sure that the last few memories they have together are happy ones.


Parkinson’s UK– One of the best families I have ever met were suddenly affect by Parkinson’s a few years ago. I didn’t know much about the disease before but it’s a dick and more funding needs to be put into finding a cure for it!

2. Music:

Sounds mega corny, but music is my life and there’s no way i’m getting through this without some amazing tunes to keep me going, and that’s where I need some help!

I am looking for the mega playlist to end all playlists. I need 6 hours worth (I’m hoping to do it faster than this but we need to account for crying time) to help me push on through when all I can think is “why won’t this end and why is everyone shouting at me in German!”

I want to start off with some disco and deep house – something fun, with a BPM that won’t have me charging off like a maniac, probably some super sexy female vocal so I can imagine that I’m a super star singer. A bit like this…

Then I think a bit of dancehall or reggae is a good place to go, maybe at about two hours in, I’ll be super chilled and content with my pace and I’ll want to keep it there, maybe something like this can tie the two together…

OK, so now we are getting to the 3 hour mark and I am warn out. I may or may not be crying! So I need a boost, but it can’t be too heavy! I need moombahton! It’s got the right BPM to stop me from running too fast but it’s got enough bass to keep me pumped. I’m calling on miss Meg Pope at this point. When I ran the Bristol half her moombahton mix sorted me right out at about 10 miles, so more of this please…

OK, so now we are on to the last hour and what I need is something to charge me right up and to silence that voice in my head that keeps on saying “for the love of god, stop! Just stop running! Nobody will know if you don’t complete it! You’re in Germany for goodness sake! Tell them all you lost your medal in some fetish bar…” And what I need is techno, electro house, D&B and all other manners of filth. Here’s a good example (I crossed over the finish line of the bath half to this one and it worked a treat).

So, if you guys have any suggestions please comment below or you can tweet us @its_just_nice or get us on Facebook

Thank you! Oh, and if you want to you can sponsor you me here:


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One comment on “26 miles of German torture…

  1. Valentina
    September 27, 2013

    particularly like the lyrics of the boys noize one… this is what you will repeating to yourself around mile 18. You are a nutter and I love you for it!

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