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What we think is just nice this week…

This week has been a rather nice one for me because as you all know on Friday it was my highly publicised birthday and you gotta love a birthday! All this goodness has left me with the difficult task of what to choose as my particular highlight as this week has had lots of highlights!

Away from my self indulgent birthday goodness the beautiful Meg and Frankie have had a rather big highlight… Their super awesome DJ duo, Duchess, has been asked to play at Brisfest this weekend! How ace is that! Two of our own being amazing and actually playing a festival! I’m like a proud mother on sports day!

For any info on Brisfest check out their site –

Let us know what highlights you’ve had this week by tweeting @Its_Just_Nice or comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice


20130918-162257.jpgThis week Cloe’s highlight is…

Going for a super tasty curry at Kismot in Edinburg for my birthday!

Now I know this is a little further afield then we usually venture but this weekend I braved the north for a wedding. After consulting Trip Advisor we decided to go out for a quick and easy curry for my birthday meal. According to the ‘oracle’ that is Trip Advisor Kismot is the number one recommended restaurant in the whole of Edinburg. I think in itself this is a pretty awesome achievement and and I know Lawrence was relieved that it wasn’t the most expensive! So we gave them a call and luckily got booked in for 8:15.

The vibe in there was lush – it had a busy and lively atmosphere, almost like a bar, which (for me anyway) sets it slightly apart from your usual run of the mill Indian’s where often its quiet quite and tranquil. There was lots of bright colours everywhere and everyone seemed like they where having lots of fun! The host welcomed us in and instantly started with a little bit of popadom banter which was hilarious! The menu was pretty standard but looked very inviting and they do have a nice broad range of choice.

When our food came out we were delighted as not only did it taste great but had a lovely fresh and very flavoursome feeling to it. The Sag Aloo in particular was extra special in my opinion and their mint yogurt is something else! apparently it has a secret ingredient which is why it is slightly orange and why he wouldn’t let us have the recipe! I could rabbit on and on about how much I enjoyed the evening, but all you need to know is if you are heading to Edinburg any time soon you need to make sure Kismot is in your life! Lawrence even got a man hug by the host on the way out and I was treated to a lady hug!

Take a look at their site for my details –

This week Frankie’s highlight is…

David-RodiganDavid Rodigan! I’ve obviously always been very aware of who David Rodigan is but I’ve never dedicated my time to listening to him on the radio. Well, that all changed this week! I’ve been listening to his shows on 1 extra and he’s a dude! He’s got the best voice in the whole world and I just love his style! Go have a listen, I gurentee you will enjoy it. I’m going to make sure I become a regular and learn from a master at work. Oh and big love for Miss Cloe up here! Blush

Miss Meg Pope is unwell today so it’s just us two, but let’s send her feeling better thoughts so she is well enough to play Brisfest!!!!


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