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The Thai Garden – A hidden gem in Bedminster

You know what it’s like, you’re crazy poor but you love eating out and you’re not at that place (just yet) where a bucket of chicken counts as “eating out”, simply because you sit and eat it in lickin’ chickin’ – even though you love the entertainment you get from the locals and how incredible wrong the lickin’ kiddies meal is.

So you search and search in desperation for a nice, local restaurant where the food is good, cheap and they preferably let you bring your own wine, and you nearly always fail. Well, not last week as I had the pleasure of enjoying the delights from The Thai Garden on West Street, Bedminster.

This find isn’t actually on me and I won’t try to claim it. My boyfriend, Klynton, actually found this place and I’m ashamed to admit, at first, I was a bit like “Bedminster, are you sure???”. But I put my unfounded snobbery to one side and we gave it a go. Plus, I always get annoyed by the Bedmo haters! Yes, ok it is full of wonderfully crazy local folk who only wear fleeces with wolves on them and who walk skunks- actually frigging skunks! But Bedminster has a great community and a lot to offer, so back in my box for me and I am so glad I did because this little restaurant is an absolute find!

When I say little, I mean it – it sits about 10/15 covers at a time. The decor is kind of shabby but lovely and charming, the staff were super cute and the food was authentic, cheap, delicious and the portions were ample (we took half of it home in take away boxes). I went for a Pad Thai as it’s one of my favourite things, but so often it is tasteless and sloppy…well not here! It had a good old serving of peanuts and chillies on the side too for people like me who like some spice and was full of big and juicy prawns. Here’s a pic of it…

food 2

Klynton had an aubergine and pork curry with rice and a side order of a spicy beef salad, all of which was lovely. The aubergine was nice and squidgy and had soaked up all the flavour of the sauce but was still kind of crispy where it had been fried- yummer. The beef salad was also great with a good amount of heat, the beef could have been a bit more tender but considering everything was about £6 each, and it was BYO, we weren’t going to complain. Look –  more pictures of food.

food 1

So in summary, if you live South-side you MUST try this place and soon. We went on a Wednesday and got a table easily but I bet it can be difficult, giving its size. If you don’t live South of the river, why not take a little venture over? We won’t bite, hard.

There’s no website I’m afraid but you can all them on 0117 963 6113


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2 comments on “The Thai Garden – A hidden gem in Bedminster

  1. Lucy
    September 12, 2013

    Yep, totally agree, this place is a GEM, if you can look past the slightly dated decor (I think it might be considered Thai kitch). Great food, great service. Yum.

    • frankieapples
      September 12, 2013

      Thai Kitch, I love it!

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