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Nomu Review

I’m going to start this post off by saying I have eaten at Nomu twice in the last two weeks and I am planning on going there again on Wednesday evening to have a cocktail and some sushi to toast my birthday with the girls. I think its safe to say I am a fan!

So how did we end up finding this little Bristol gem on Whiteladies… Well a couple of weeks ago I was having some big cravings for noodles. After thinking about them for a couple of days I took control and decided that I was going to scratch that itch and go for a default staple dinner at Wagamamas. Lawrence and I where all set to go there when he mentioned that every time we ended up in Waga’s it was nice, but never as good as we want and kinda a little bit over priced for what it is… He then dug deep and threw a curve ball in by saying,’ Why don’t we give that Japanese place on Whiteladies a crack…’ Dinner was selected!

Nomu is a lovely little Japanese place that has been open for about 6 months on Whiteladies. It offers a good choice of sushi and larger plates and boasts a large and very tempting cocktail menu.


It has a very chilled out vibe and seems to let it’s atmosphere just go with the flow. It is a bar and restaurant so if you just fancy popping in for a lovely looking cocktail or a speciality bubble tea you can enjoy it sat by the bar. They also have a fantastic offer of a cocktail and a small plate of sushi for £8 – this is the bad boy I shall be celebrating my birthday with on Wednesday.

It is worth mentioning that if you are in a rush to eat or have somewhere to be this ‘laid back-ness’ might be irritating and not the place for you. But when you want to sit and enjoy your evening with some great food – a million miles away from being ferried in and out of Wagamamas in under an hour (I am not being bitchy, its just the truth) – then this is the place for you.

So what did we go for… Before I get onto this I have a confession! Lawrence and I had the same meal twice! We both enjoyed it so much on our first go we decided that when we went in for our second visit we would just order the same thing. Lawrence and I have now made a rule… We have to try something different next time we go, no cheating and ordering the same again!


Anyway, to start with we went for some very juicy and fresh edamame beans with salt and the pork gyoza. Lawrence loves gyoza and always orders it when it is on the menu so I would venture to say he is a gyoza specialist. The verdict on the Nomu gyoza… divine! Three large and very full dumplings are served with a complementing sauce and in my opionion are a must order. (I feel like the new rule is already going out the window!)


Next up it was finally noodle time – twice! Lawrence went for the Duck Udon (stir fried udon noodles with shredded duck, peppers, Chinese leaf, onions, carrots and spring onions with a tonkatsu sauce) and I went for the Yaki Udon (Stir fried udon noodles with chicken, prawns and vegetables with a tonkatsu sauce). I think you will agree these probably are not the most exciting choices on the menu, but I think you can always tell the quality of a restaurant on how well they cook there simple dishes. And wow were these cooked well! In both large noodle portions there was plenty of meat – lots and lots of beautifully cooked duck in Lawrence’s and plenty of chicken and prawns in mine. The light sauce was flavoured to perfection, the veg still had a good crunch and the big chunky noodles really did hit the spot! It was basically lush and I feel very lucky to have such a great place on my doorstep.

I endeavour to become a local of Nomu and shall also be making it my new favourite takeaway!


As we where paying we ended up chatting with one of the owners who was very lovely and seemed really pleased with how it was all going. He also told us that things were still picking up and that it was going well and it’s always nice to hear that a Bristol independent is doing well!

On both visits it has been quiet busy inside so I would certainly recommend booking to avoid any disappointment. And I would certainly suggest trying the sushi – I did a good amount of spying on other peoples tables and it looked lush!

So you can find Nomu on Whiteladies but to get your taste buds going, check out there menus and offers on their site – They do offer some good early bird and lunchtime offers and this little gem is certainly worth a visit!

(Also the pictures are not fantastic and certainly don’t do the food justice!)


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