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What we think is just nice this week…

Bristol really is a babe in the sunshine, isn’t it? I know I’ve said it before, but when the sun’s shining there really is nowhere else I’d rather be than bumbling around our beautiful city, soaking up all of the lovely things going on and doing a spot of people watching.

Lucky for us it seems we’re having one last burst of summer, and I know I speak for all three of us when I say we’ll be squeezing the very last drop out of it before we’re resigned to six months of being perpetually cold.

So without further ado, here’s what we’re loving this week – make the most of it, as I suspect this might be the last week of summer we’re going to get!


This week Meg’s highlight is…

Alfresco Disco!

We’ve blogged before about just how much we LOVE Alfresco Disco, so we can’t wait for the next one, which is taking place this Saturday.

True to form, Alfresco are keeping the location of the party closely guarded (we’ll find out Saturday morning!), but what we do know is that they’re taking it back to their roots, and throwing a free party in the ‘Great Outdoors’.

So don your best woodland attire (we’re going as Urban Foxes!) and join the Facebook group here for more information. Wherever it is you can guarantee it’ll be a night of great company, awesome music and DANCING! We’ll see you there!

This week Cloe’s highlight is…

20130904-145504.jpgGetting the bus to work!

I think that I’ve already mentioned that I am finally slowly returning back to work on a phased return after being off for quiet a while. This has meant that I have started to get the bus to work in the morning from Whiteladies down to the fountains in the centre (a walkable distance for most people, but still a struggle for me)!

Anyway this morning when I hopped onto the bus I went straight upstairs and the front seats were free – bonus! This seat gave me a very beautiful view of the city on this stunning day. It really made me stop and think, “You know what, getting the bus to work is really very nice!”

The view of the streets, shops and sights from a double decker bus is ace and to be honest my ride up and down Park Street is now something that I look forward to doing. If you actually take the time to look around and see what is happening you really do have a fantastic way of people watching and seeing the sights!

This week Frankie’s highlight is…

gorillaI want to do something really Brissle as we are having a right love in today, and rightly so! Of course, the summer is here forever but just in case, on the off chance, that summer disappears sometime soon I want to express my love for a Bristol institute that is both free and epic!

I’m talking about The Bristol Museum on the top of Park Street! It’s basically just a really lush building full of stuff and I love stuff. My favourite section is the taxidermy and the museum is full to the rafters of it, including a gorilla that used to live in the zoo- can’t member his name now but he died (of old age I believe) and Bristol was like “let’s stuff him and put him in the museum!”

They are running a Pharaoh: King of Egypt’ exhibition at the moment which has been touring the UK.  Here’s what visit Bristol have to say about it, looks well worth a ganders. So, if you’re looking for something to do in Bristol this weekend I suggest you pop on down and have a look for yourself.

*Amendment- Hey, I’ve been told on Twitter by the lovely @bristol_museum that the Pharaoh exhibition has finished, boo. However! Their next exhibition is about the Roman Empire- winner. The South West is enriched with Roman history so I expect this will be a good’un, I’m told it starts on the 21st of September. Until then go look at Alfred (I found out his name too).


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