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Warren’s Gourmet Burger for Breakfast!

20130903-151343.jpgA burger joint isn’t a traditional place to go for breakfast, but this weekend Lawrence made the executive decision that we were going to go south of the river and go to a burger joint for breakfast. Warren’s Gourmet Burger Company to be more precise. The main driver was Lawrence’s craving for a breakfast burrito! (He was in San Francisco recently and is keeping hold of the American dream!)

So on Saturday morning we got ourself up and into the car ready for our mini adventure. I call it a mini adventure as usually I’m a BS8 and BS6 kind of girl, rarely venturing away from my beloved Clifton and Cotham! Very small minded of me I know, but I’m a creature of habit and sometimes I need a gentle push to explore. Anyway back to our mini adventure and off in the car we went…

I have to admit that my first impression was a bit unsure… We parked right outside and I was concerned that it did just look like an empty greasy spoon cafe – not that there is anything wrong with a greasy spoon but it was just not what I expected and I was unsure if our drive over the river had been worth it. However Lawrence wasn’t having any of my nonsense so in we went!

We were there to solely have a breakfast burrito but I should mention that they do offer a nice normal selection of breakfast fry ups, both meaty and veggie, toast and pancakes. You order up at the bar area and it does have a nice relaxed feeling. The lady who took our order (2 meaty breakfast burritos and 2 teas) was very welcoming and chatty. It was really nice to see her passion in the place. She told us all about their ridiculously massive burger – The Beast!, how 1,300 people have tried the challenge and how only 40 people have actually done it! It’s mental! For more information its worth checking out their site –

Anyway back to our burritos – they were absolutely delicious! They are certainly no oil painting on the plate but with that much flavour it really doesn’t matter. It was lovely and eggy, cheesy and had chunks of amazing meat. It was just like having a perfect, slightly runny, but nicely meaty omelette in a wrap – what isn’t there to love about that?! I’m salivating again at the thought of it!


This little place is lovely and it does a great understated breakfast. I’d definitely recommend popping in, and I know that we’ll back soon to try The Beast Challenge. It is also worth mentioning that they do have a great lunch and dinner menu with lots of tasty burgers and have recently started doing huge pulled pork baps! I’ll certainly be going back to sample their dinner menu soon!


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