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Joe’ Coffee Review

I love a coffee shop – I would almost go as far as saying I am a slight coffee shop addict! I put this addiction down to the fact that I can’t currently drink real alcohol (due to some very boring medication). So I have fallen in love with taking myself off to a little coffee shop, watching the world pass me by and reading a good magazine. It does sound a little dull but believe me it’s bliss. Just sitting back and watching the world go by does get your brain having a little ponder! (And it’s the ideal excuse to eat cake!)

Anyway I digress! So let’s get back to Joe’s Coffee!

Joe’s Coffee is a new little coffee shop that has opened up just off Whiteladies road. It is close to Brace and Browns and Cafe Retreat so is almost at the end of the Whiteladies shops.

This little coffee shops certainly has charm to it and is an independent – we always love an independent! The menu is quiet simple so you aren’t bombarded with which choice of syrup should go into your latte or what special concoction are they trying to sell you.


They also offer a lovely selection of wonderful coffee shop type treats including rocky roads, pastries, flapjacks, homemade sandwiches and salads. However none of these compare to what I would consider is the main event; their fantastically fudgey, heavenly like and totally delicious in every way brownies which are lovingly make by Cocoa Squared . These guys certainly know what they are doing when it comes to brownies and they have certainly hit the nail on the head with these bad boys! Pared with a coffee nothing tastes better and the trip up to Joe’s Coffee is worth them alone! (They also offer a gluten free and dairy free version which is also amazing!)


On my three visits so far I have taken the opportunity to try out a couple of different options. These have been a really lush vanilla latte with a gluten free and dairy free brownie, a nice and simple Americano with a wonderful traditional brownie and a lovely little pot of tea for 1. I am certainly no coffee conocer however I think the coffee served is really lovely and very easy to enjoy. I also love the fact that if you order a tea you get given a little tray of goodies! All the staff are lovely and chatty and all three of my trips where great – this is one little coffee shop I will certainly be visiting regularly and I have already started filling up their loyalty card!

To find out more info on them check out their site – or Twitter pages @JoesCoffee and @CocoaSquared



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