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What we think is just nice this week…

This week has kinda felt like a bit of a weird one… I am not sure if I am the only one but, over the summer everything seems to slightly slow and you can feel like you just drift a little, going though the motions. And I do think with the awesome August bank holiday arriving on our door step it can make the week just feel that much slower! I think I can say safely say that we are all thinking that the bank holiday is Just Nice!

If you have had a highlight this week let us know by tweeting @Its_Just_Nice or comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice

In other news I have taken to calling the lovely Meg and Frankie, otherwise know as Duchess DJ, simply Fregg! Its just a lot easier and I do love a short cut word – its tote’s amazes!

Millionaire MatchmakerThis week Cloe’s highlight is…

My guilty TV pleasure! The Millionaire Matchmaker!

This is an awesome, bone head, American TV show that is shown on ITV2 twice a day and I am slightly addicted to watching! The basic over view is it is a reality documentary that follows owner of the Beverly Hills-based “Millionaire’s Club”, Patti Stanger, as she matches single wealthy people with “compatible” dates. The pure genius of this program is Pattie herself – she can be unbelievably rude when interview and selecting “compatible” dates for her millionaires. But don’t think the millionaires get off likely because he can be very upfront with them too!

I urge you all to go home and set it up to record – you wont be disappointed!

This week Meg’s highlight is…

This absolutely brilliant mini mix, by our great mate @kenjonnard.

At just 13 minutes long, it really is a ‘mini’ mix, but the best thing about it? It’s made up entirely of intros!

I’ve just spent a very amusing 13 minutes and 53 seconds playing a game against myself, in my head, to see how many intros I can guess without looking at the track listing, and I reckon I got about 60%. They chop in and out so quickly that you’ve really got to listen closely, and there are some truly classic tracks included, from all sorts of different genres.

So stick your headphones in and get guessing – and whilst you’re at it have a little chair dance. Why? Just ‘cos!


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