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The Friday Chair Dancer

Oh Friday…we’ve been waiting SUCH a long time for you! Where were you? Why do you feel so late?!

Maybe it’s just the result of a crazy week, but it feels like I’ve been waiting for about four hundred years for this weekend to arrive. However, it’s here now, and that’s all that matters.

I don’t feel like I need to give this post much introduction anymore, as you lot know the drill with the Friday Chair Dancer by now, so plug those headphones in, get that behind wiggling and chair dance your way through until home time – it’s the only way to spend a Friday afternoon!

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Aidonia – Tip pon yuh toe (soca salsa remix) for when you absolutely have to shake yo booty! I don’t know what the words mean but the video is well rude and I like my songs a little bit rude.

This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

Bit controversial this one, as it’s definitely not a banger, and it probably won’t get you dancing.

However, what it will do is make you stop in your tracks for four minutes. I was sat down when I first listened to this, but if I’d have been walking about I probably would have had to sit down, just to take a little bit of time to appreciate how absolutely, hauntingly beautiful this is.

It’s by a chap called Zoon van snooK (yep – wicked name, right) – I’d never heard of him until this popped up in my Soundcloud feed this morning. Zoon van snooK (real name Alec Snook) is a Bristol native, which is just another testament to the fact that Bristol churns out some of the best musicians in the world*, but he’s now Barcelona based.  He makes his music using a plethora of different instruments, found sound and day to day recordings and the result is just amazing.

In short, my waffling isn’t going to do it justice – just listen and you’ll get what I mean.

*this is an actual fact, ok?


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