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Deco Lounge, Cotham Hill: Dinner review

20130808-155527.jpgI have always had the view that the Deco Lounge was more of a coffee type shop where you go for tea and cakes, possibly for brunch or a light lunch. However, my previous conceptions were wrong when last weekend we decided to go for dinner.

Now, I have to confess they were not my first dinner choice for Saturday night, in fact we went out with the intention of going to The Burger Joint on Whiteladies, however when we arrived it was already full. With hungry bellies a back up decision had to be made sharpish and it just so happened that earlier on that day we had had coffee in Deco Lounge and commented on it’s good looking burger menu. Decision made and off we trotted!

There was a nice buzz about the place when we arrived. It all seem quiet continental with a relaxed atmosphere, people chatting and taking yourself to a table. The menu is what really drew us back with a good all round selection of dishes that are served all day including tapas, a burger zone, all day breakfast and some tasty looking puds. You would think that with so many different styles on the menu it might be a bit busy, but some how they all seem to work. They also have daily specials board and fresh cakes which all looked and sounded delicious!

Time for us to choose! As we where both craving some sort of American type food, especially after getting geared up for The Burger Joint, it didn’t take us too long to decide. Lawrence went with Spicy Peri-Peri Chicken Burger and I went for The Smokehouse, which is a hotdog topped with pulled pork in a hickory smoked BBQ sauce – LUSH! You go up and order at the bar which, in such a relaxed place seemed very fitting.

We did have to wait a little bit  for our dinner to come out, but it was very nice to just sit and enjoy the evening rather then being rushed in and out with hardly time to breath. When the food did arrive I was very pleased with my good looking hotdog and Lawrence, who was now ready to eat me, was happy with his burger and got stuck in! His only criticism of the burger was that on the menu it is called ‘spicy’ which was a bit of an overstatement, as it did lack a bit of a kick. That aside he said it tasted great and wolfed the whole lot down! I of course went in for a sneaky bit and was slightly surprised that the bun itself wasn’t toasted which meant I got slightly messy fingers, I suppose that’s the karma fairies!

My hotdog was lovely, and I kinda believe that you can’t beat a good old hotdog – its certainly my fifthly guilty pleasure. Add pulled pork into that equation and of course you are onto a winner! Add in lots of cheese, sour cream and skinny fries and I was nearly in heaven! I am salivating again just thinking about it and would certainly recommend giving it a try.


Spicy Peri-Peri Chicken Burger

The Smokehouse

The Smokehouse

So, overall the Deco Lounge surprised me and really is lovely place to have dinner. I think that in the past I’ve underestimated it but now I’ll certainly be going back soon when I fancy a nice chilled dinner. I would certainly recommend rediscovering this little Bristol gem!

All in all the Deco Lounge is just nice!


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