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The Friday chair dancer…

We were so excited on Friday about the weekend that we forgot to post our Friday chair dancer, so here is a slightly updated, and a great deal more sober, Monday chair dancer. I did start writing a long intro about it but actually there are some separate post that need to happen so here’s the 30 second low down…DJing at the SouthBank, Passion Radio Bristol‘s all female take over, Dancing at the Plough, Getting on Stage with Jus Now, Sweat fest, cider, Sweet Mart, chickpea curry in the sun, swimming pool, pizza and more cider from The Stable. And breath.


This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Bassnectar’s remix of Nina Simone’s feeling good. First off, Nina Simone has always been and will continue to be one of my favourite singers in the whole wide world. Every time I hear one of her songs  I’m reminded of peeling potatoes for my Sunday roast when I was small and it makes me feel very comfortable and safe. But, I’m a bass head and Mr Bassnectar is a bass dealer and he’s sorting me out with my dirty bass hit. So, purists you will not like this but just shut up and dance.

This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

I’ve had a weird old day with music. I’ve been a bit tired and emotional and have spent this afternoon listening to Usher’s 8701 – seriously old school – it reminds me of being about 14 and I’ll argue with anyone who dares to diss it.

However, in stark contrast, this morning I listened to this absolutely AMAZING  mix from The Heatwave, which I came across courtesy of @mr50music.

This particular mix was featured in an article by the Guardian, about women in Dancehall music – it’s a brilliant read. The mix is an hour of Dancehall, which features only female artists – there’s not a single male vocal all the way through and it’s flipping excellent. So good in fact that I emailed Frankie earlier to tell her that we both need to quit our jobs and move to Jamaica to make music for the next six months. I’m obviously not going to do this, but you know, I love a good over-reaction!


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2 comments on “The Friday chair dancer…

  1. Elisabeth Winkler
    July 22, 2013

    LOVE. So need more music from females!

    Go to Jamaica to make music? Of course! Is it in doubt?

    • Meg Pope
      July 22, 2013

      Haha! Unfortunately real life might get in the way, but hey – Bristol’s the next best place to be making music so watch this space! Mx

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