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The Friday chair dancer…

Hands up if you’ve got a little bit over excited with this weather and have spent all of your money on glitter, cider and teeny tiny shorts? In that order. We’ve been so lucky haven’t we! Perfect conditions for Glasto, Carnival and our general cider loving temperaments. Also, sneaky extra bonus… all the girls wearing shorts that are too small so you can see their bums! Literally hours of enjoyment for me as I laugh at them and say things like “Don’t they have a mirror?” and “Why hasn’t someone told her you can see her bum?”

Actually, everyone, can we all agree on a few things. 1) If you can see someone’s arse either through leggings or ridiculously sized shorts, please tell them. 2) Likewise, if you see a girl whose skirt is tucked into her knickers you go pull that bad boy out (Men, you don’t just go pull it out just tell them). 3) Running in this heat is stupid. Stop it. (that one seems unrelated but I was thinking it this lunchtime while sipping my cider in Queen Square.

Um, so that was a bit of a mind fart…sorry. Pride this weekend! Woo Hoo. Paint yourself like a rainbow and go embrace love and respect no matter what your sexual tipple is.


This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Ah man, so much! I’ve been on a bit of a hip hop inspired trip lately when it comes to my mixes, which is new for me but I like it. However, the song that I’ve been playing over and over is actually more of a trance/electro/deep house number. It’s a proper hands in the air, head tilted back, eyes closed euphoric banger, until it drops and then it’s a fist pumping bass face destroyer. I’m sure there are better ways to describe music but I am afraid you’ll just have to take my mishmash of words that kind of make sense. Anyway, it’s called Higher by Destructo and I like it so much I’m going to buy it and build a whole mix around it.

This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

Like Franks, I’ve been on a bit of a hip-hop tip this week, so the track I’m picking for my chair dancer is Black Skinhead by Kanye West.

There’s been tonnes of hype around Kanye’s latest album, Yeezus, and it’s seriously divided opinion. There’s no denying that he’s totally off his tits, but I’m firmly with those who think that Yeezus is probably one of the most unexpected, pioneering and downright bloody mental albums in a long time – in a good way!

If you’ve listened to the album you’ll know that it’s off the wall, and that Kanye doesn’t hold back, referring to himself as a God, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that he knows exactly what he’s doing. Whipping the media into a frenzy with a few inflammatory comments is a sure fire way to secure the column inches. Clever boy.

The track I’ve chosen is Black Skinhead, simply because it’s one of the oddest tracks I’ve heard in a while. The beat is almost reminiscent of 70’s glam rock (think Mark Bolan and Bowie) but it’s been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I bloody love it.


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