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What we think is just nice this week…

Right – I hate to start on a negative everyone, but I’m afraid I’ve got a gripe to air. Yes, the weather is baking, yes, it’s been a bit stuffy at night, making it hard to sleep, but have some of you forgotten about how blinking FREEZING it was at the beginning of the year?! I, for one, feel like I only fully thawed out about six weeks ago, so I’ve been gob smacked to hear so many people moaning about this beautiful weather (yes – I’m looking at you Facebook). So be warned – the next person I hear moaning about it being too hot is going to feel the wrath, or more likely get a face full of Solero, which has been my snack of choice lately!

So now that I’m over my moan about people moaning (oh, the irony!) let’s get onto the good shit! I don’t know about you guys, but everything seems better in the sunshine, which makes choosing one thing to highlight a bit harder than usual, but here’s just a few of the things which we’re been loving this week.


This week Meg’s highlight is…

MatinaMatina, the not so new Middle Eastern food stall in St Nick’s!

I’m really late to the party with this one, and have been meaning to write a post on how much I love Matina for ages. The problem is, every time I get one I’m so quick to shove it in my face that I forget to take a photo!

For those of you who don’t frequent St Nick’s market, Matina opened about six months ago, selling a variety of Middle Eastern grilled goodies. Think kebabs, but reeeeeal good kebabs! Marinated grilled chicken, juicy lamb koftas and salty Halloumi kebabs, all served with loads of delicious fresh salad, pickles and sauces, and with your choice of rice, cous-cous, or authentic Kurdish bread, baked right there and then in front of you! This stuff is super fresh, super tasty and more than a bit addictive!

Initially there were teething problems for Matina, and their queuing system was all over the place – literally – but they’ve managed to implement some sort of system now, and despite the queues always being huge, it’s fast over taking Eat a Pitta as the most popular stall in the market.

This week Frankie’s highlight is…

bristol-harbour-england-ukIt’s pretty much been about shoving as much ice cream in my face as quickly as possible this week. I’m with Meg on the Solero treat but I’ve also rediscovered the joys of Fabs, Twisters, Feasts, Calipsos and Magnums (white choc only, obviously) but just having ice cream as my high light seems flippant. So, my highlight this week is….Cider in the sunshine (good work Frankie, way less flippant). Actually it’s not cider in the sunshine at all really, it’s Bristol in the sunshine and having wonderful friends to spend time with in this glorious city while it’s so beautiful outside. I spent last Friday sat outside the Arnolfini with a bottle of fizz, watching the world go by, with two of my best mates and all we kept on saying was “I love Bristol”. And it’s true, this is a great city with so much going for it. I could keep banging on about it’s greatness but there was a blog post written recently that says it far better than I could. It’s been doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter but just in case you missed it here it is again: Bristol, give me a signal it’s a wee bit Stokes Croft biased but the sentiment is there.


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