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What we think is just nice this week…

This time in exactly one week the gates to Glastonbury will be open, the tents will be pitched, and Frankie and I will be running around Worthy Farm like a pair of cider fuelled nutters.

To say I’m excited about Glastonbury is an even bigger understatement than saying I was excited about Major Lazer, so I’m afraid any blog posts from me in the next week will be borderline hysterical, and very much Glasto-centric!

If you’re lucky enough to be coming along too then have an absolute blinder, and if not, we promise we’ll try and take as many photos as are humanly possible. Well…before we drink too much cider and forget how to work a camera…


Meg’s weekly highlight is…

macPre-Glasto shopping!

I started this week with the best of intentions. I was going to eat well, go to the gym every lunchtime and generally be sensible ahead the impending week of hedonism at Glastonbury. That went out of the window at approximately 09:11 on Monday morning, when Vicky uttered the line “Want to go glitter shopping for Glasto?!”

I’ve spent the past three days collecting a veritable Aladdin’s cave of neon, glittery tat – most of which I’ll probably wear once, some of which has turned out to be a real find.

Top of my list is one of the key festival staples – a waterproof. I struggled to find something which looked good but would actually be waterproof rather than shower-proof (what a joke that is – soaked in seconds) and I’d been struggling until I came across this bad boy on the Topshop website. It’s obscenely over the top, but hey, if you can’t go over the top at Glastonbury when can you?

And after all…when have I ever been one to go for the subtle option!

Frankie’s weekly highlight is…

Just Glasto Baby!!!

I’m not really allowed to talk about Glastonbury but, I’m going to anyway because I’m so excited and I haven’t been in about 8 years!!!! I used to go every year it was on, like it was my pilgrimage, but the last few years I’ve opted for smaller (cheaper) festivals. This isn’t really a just nice highlight post but more of a “These are my tips to make your festival way more fun….”

  1. It’s going to rain, get over it.
  2. You can brush your teeth with cider.
  3. There’s no way you’re having a shower – take wet wipes for the standard festival whore’s wash.
  4. Bum bags, bum bags, bum bags – you need free hands for your cider.
  5. Don’t sit down in the portaloos, ever! Seriously, you learn to hover! Especially at night! You’d think “people won’t shit on the actual loo seat” and you’d be wrong. So very wrong.
  6. Shut up and have a cider. If I hear anyone moaning at Glastonbury I’ll force Thatchers upon you.
  7. And finally, glitter – don’t underestimate how much you’re going to need. In fact, take that extra jumper out of your bag and replace it with glitter.
  8. OK, one more tip for luck- make glitter stick better by using Vaseline as a base, then layer on your glitter,  then cover in hair spray and that bad boy is never coming off.
  9. OK actual final tip, book an extra day off work to remove said glitter.

Have fun my lovelies! I’ll be working at The Sausage Fest so come and say hi. I’ll be the one with all the glitter on my face.

Cloe’s weekly highlight is…

Not Glastonbury related… It’s just the general greatness of summer holidays!

My weekly highlight is certainly having a little bit of a holiday last week!  Holidays are just all round ace!

Whether you’re going to Glasto, going abroad or having a stay-cation, enjoying a bit of time away really does revitalise the soul (and makes me sound like a motivational speaker)… So nuff said – holidays are marvellous!


2 comments on “What we think is just nice this week…

  1. Elisabeth Winkler
    June 19, 2013

    Yes, now prefer the smaller festivals – Buddhafield is a must.

    Wet wipes are essential but Posh Wash Showers are fantastic…

    Avoid portaloos.Compost Thunderbox loos are superior.

    Hot water bottles filled at local friendly tea bar create added luxury.

    Burning question: is the Top Shop mac WATERPROOF?

    • Meg Pope
      June 19, 2013

      The Topshop mac is indeed 100% waterproof!! It’s basically lace, covered in clear plastic and I’m utterly in love with it. I *may* have been strutting round the office wearing it this afternoon!

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