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The Friday chair dancer…

I haven’t really got a Friday feeling today. I did, however, have it yesterday which is why I feel a bit fuzzy at work today. So, I am taking it easy tonight and this time I mean it! It’s just me again today, sorry guys, I hope you’re not fed up of my dribble just yet because you’re going to get some more of it!

My Friday chair dancer this week comes from The Rub and is called Dutty Gyal featuring Natalie Storm. It’s a bit rude so if you don’t like that sort of thing then you probably shouldn’t listen. If you like steel drums, that carnival vibe, strong female vocals and dutty dutty electro beats then this song is probably for you. In fact the new EP from The Rub is petty brilliant so I’d go have a listen to that too. Actually, let’s have a Rub love in! You’re not just getting one chair dancer today you’re getting 3:

Dutty Gyal- outrageous carnival fun, let’s all dream of St Paul’s Carnival and for the love of rum, positive thoughts of sunshine.

The Rub EP (ok Dutty Gyal is on this but listen to it twice, it’s worth it.) This is totally cross genre a bit Dancehall, a bit electro house, a bit hop hop, a bit glitch so there should be something in there you like.

And here is a link to a mix that The Rub did to promote their EP (Dutty Gyal is on there again, but it’s so good you’ll want to listen to it a third time.

Enjoy me babbers and have a wonderful weekend.



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