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What we think is just nice this week…

I am flying solo today. Cloe is on holiday (lucky) and Meg is off being all busy and important with work so I’m afraid you’ve just got me. Mwhahahahaa! As weeks go I’m not totally in love with this one at the moment, mainly because it refuses to play my game of “it’s going to be summer time forever”! I’m currently sat here, cold, with no tights on because my legs have decided that they no longer want to live in their polyester prison and who can blame them? It’s not all bad though! I’ve been stuffing myself with some good food, I’ve been busy plotting mine and Meg’s world domination and I’m going to an interesting art exhibition tomorrow (yeah, I know, I sound cultured but you know you get free booze at these things, yeah?) plus the weekend should be a corker (as long as the sun plays my game). So enough about me and some more about what is nice this week.

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This week Frankie’s highlight is…

Turtle Bay! I’m a big fan of Caribbean food, well anything with strong spicy flavours really, so I’ve been wanting to see if Turtle Bay was any good for a while now, I finally got down there this Monday lunch and I can tell you “It be gurt lush”, but this praise comes with a bit of a backsie if you are a die hard Caribbean food fan. The food is delicious but I would not say it is traditional, it has definitely been toned down for our English taste buds but it is a chain, so what do you expect? I had curry goat, which is my favourite, and it was yummy but I had to add a lot of spice which was fine as they had a great selection of chilli sauce on the table. The goat was not on the bone and not quite as fatty and melt in your mouth as I expect it to be, it was more like straight up lamb, but most people don’t really like very fatty meat, so maybe this is why? Despite it not being the curry goat I am used to it was wholesome and filling and at under £10 a bargain. I also had a home made ginger beer which was lovely, really refreshing, it could have been more fiery for my taste but that’s just me wanting to attack my taste buds with flavours.

There were a few of us but all I heard was “mmmmmm” noises, which is a great sign. The staff were lovely, the food came quickly (but not too quickly), the venue had a nice atmosphere, it wasn’t overpriced and they have cocktail offers! Basically Turtle Bay is a bit of a catch- it’s not going to be as good as some lovely little independent but if you want some quick, easy, yummy food in a nice surrounding then I would suggest here. And the best thing about food posts? Pictures of food…

pulled pork

Pulled pork in a bap with Caribbean slaw and seasoned chips.

flat bread

Butternut Squash and Goats Cheese flatbread

curry goat

Curry Goat- sorry not the best snap but it was yummy!


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4 comments on “What we think is just nice this week…

  1. Will
    June 12, 2013

    Ummm, I want to smash my face in to that pulled pork bap!!! Nom!

  2. Elisabeth Winkler
    June 13, 2013

    Great review, giving me just the sort of info I need. Yes, I would want more kick to my flavours too, not to mention added ginger. Mind you, home-made ginger beer is a plus.

    And while nothing compares to our darling indies, this is a good recommendation and noted. Thanks!

    • frankieapples
      June 13, 2013

      Thanks Elisabeth. With the ginger beer if I had said to them “make it very fiery” they would probably would have done as they made it in front of me, which was very nice to see.

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