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What we think is just nice this week…

I don’t want to alarm anyone but we’ve had more than a day of sunshine! Let’s not all freak out about it, just be cool! Do go and have a cider in the park, do get your legs out, do eat as much ice cream as you can cram into your gob, do have a water fight and definitely light the BBQ for every meal! But don’t, for the love of summer, complain about it being too hot, or forget to put sun cream on so you look like you have been playing the most epic game of slaps on your thighs, and men! DO NOT WALK AROUND IN PUBLIC WITH YOUR TOPS OFF! I am speaking for all woman kind right now, whether they agree with me or not, you look like a chav, please stop it immediately.

I think the most important thing to remember about this weather is….It’s bloody beautiful, it won’t be here for long, let’s make the most of it. And here are some other things we have been enjoying this week….


This week Frankie’s highlight is…

31C9vN+aVUL._SY450_Well, the sunshine obviously! I am a very pale girl, a very pale girl indeed so when the sun comes out I do tend to freak out about burning.

1) It’s not good for your skin, cancer being a nasty one and also it will age your skin and you’ll get skin spots when you’re older

2) You look stupid when you’re all red and burnt, and that is a fact.

I mean, if you’re end goal in life is to look like a piece of leather then burning in the sun is defo the way to go, if not you should probably put some protection on. I definitely do not want to end up looking like an old boot so I have tried my fair share of sun tan lotion and I’m telling you, right now, if you’re not using Piz Buin then you’re not doing it right. They have this mist stuff that you don’t have to rub in and it’s amazing! It is the only mist that actually works and does not leave you looking like a piece of fried chicken. Their all day stuff is also great. I normally put that on in the morning and then top up with the mist in the day. If you absolutely have to have a tan straight away (and I’m kind of in this camp) then I use Palmer’s cocoa butter natural bronze tan lotion as it is super light and does not leave you looking like you’ve staged a dirty protest. Or, you can read Cloe’s wonderful post of self tanning. Go enjoy the sun people, but be safe.

This week Meg’s highlight is…

It’s no secret that I love Bristol, but Bristol in the sunshine is quite simply the best.

I’ve been cycling into work this week (yes – I’m one of those annoying fair weather cyclists) but you really do realise how much of the city you miss when you’re on public transport or in the car. I live south of the river, so my cycle to work incorporates, in my opinion, some of Bristol’s best bits, such as Ashton Court and the Docks.

Whilst the cycle in to work is always lovely, and actually really wakes me up, it’s the cycle home that never fails to blow we away. I don’t know whether it’s the light at that time of day, or simply the fact that it’s the end of the working day, and I can take my time, but every day I’ve had to stop to marvel at just how gorgeous our city is. Maybe I’m just getting soft in my old age, but it’s days like this that make me realise just how bloody beautiful Bristol is!



This week Cloe’s highlight is…

20130605-155416.jpgBeing bare foot!

I am going to keep this short and sweet – this week I am really enjoying freeing my feet from sock jail and walking round my flat bare foot. My feet have come out of hibernation and are finally allowed to get some air after the longest winter ever! I have also enjoyed being able to wear my pumps outdoors again without the fear of catching frost bite. It’s a simple thing but it makes me very happy! (Sorry for the picture, seeing other peoples feet can tend to be a bit gross!)


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