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What we’re listening to: Jus Now – One Time

jusnowEvery now and then you listen to a song which gets completely and utterly stuck in your head. I don’t mean your average ear worm, where you’re humming it for a day or two – I mean the type of ear worm where you wake up singing it, and then continue to sing it all day, to the point where you end up actually shouting at yourself to stop. Normally around four days into a severe case of ear worm-itis you’d do just about anything to get it the hell out of your head, but that’s not the case with my latest bout – I’m at least a fortnight in and I can’t get enough of it!

The track I’m talking about is Tun Up, by Jus Now, a musical fusion of Bristol based DJ and producer Interface, and LAZAbeam, a percussionist and producer from Trinidad. The guys are signed to Bristol label Gutterfunk, and their label profile describes them as “When Bristol and Trinidad collide” who were bought together “by a shared love of bass, rum and parties”. I don’t know about you, but that alone is enough to get me listening!

After a chance meeting in Bristol, the boys set about recording their first EP, One Time. The aim was to create something that couldn’t be pigeon holed by genre or tempo, and brought together the bass heavy sound of Bristol’s underground with Trinidad’s traditional Soca vibes. The result is just that, and then some!

I won’t go into each song in detail, as I’m useless as describing things like that, and hey, you’re all grown ups – you can make your own minds up! However, what I will say is that these guys are undoubtedly destined for massive things in the next few months, and if Tun Up isn’t one of the big songs of the summer I’ll be extremely surprised. We saw them warm up for Diplo at The Exchange a couple of weeks ago, and I’d definitely say that in comparison, Jus Now’s set was better. Considering how much I love Diplo that’s praise indeed!

So have a listen and if you like it go buy it and spread the word! In the meantime I’ll go back to repeatedly singing “Tun up, tun up, tun up, tun up!” at the top of my lungs and stamping round Bristol with my bass face on for the next few weeks!


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