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What we think is just nice this week…

Happy Wednesday everyone, and what a glorious hump day it’s turning out to be?! The mid-week blues are infinitely improved by a glimpse of sunshine, and the weather gods sure do seem to be shining on us today, don’t they?

Now I’m going to give you a heads up now… if you’ve ever read anything on here and thought “God, they don’t half wang on about Major Lazer and Diplo a lot!” then you may want to skip this post and come back another time. Equally, if you know either me or Frankie in ‘real life’ and you’re getting slightly sick of us counting down the days until Friday (more so than usual!) then we apologise.

That said it isn’t going to stop me shouting at the top of my lungs…MAJOR LAAAAAZZZZERRR!

This week Meg’s highlight is…

Major LazerYep, you guessed it! There was no way that the fact that we’re going to see Major Lazer not once, but TWICE this Friday wasn’t going to be my weekly highlight. Goddamit, it’s been my yearly highlight so far and it hasn’t even happened yet!!

After months of waiting it’s finally come around, and on Friday night we’re going to see the Major Lazer crew in all their glory at the Academy. And if we hadn’t quite had our fill after that, we’ll be heading over to The Exchange to see Diplo perform at the official after party. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

Diplo was one of the key reasons I finally decided to learn to DJ, after years of talking about it, and I’ve been waiting for years to see him perform live. I’ve got my disco pants at the ready, and I’ve got my ‘express yourself’ pose down to perfection – quite frankly if I don’t get picked to dance on stage I’m going to cry.

We’ll be sure to take loads of pictures and videos so that we can give you the full low down next week, but in the meantime have a listen to what I’m going to be losing my mind to on Friday night!

This week Frankie’s highlight is…

A Bristol based service called VoiceGift. This is essentially a service that comes and records particular moments of time – It might be that you want to have a recording of your kids, (when they were nice, as my mum would say) or you want to record your life stories for generations to come (my gran has a few! I won’t even get started here, I’d be all day. My favourites are her stories from just after the war when she had lots of men eyeing for her affection and she’d have one knocking on the front door, with a pair of stockings, as she was chucking another out of the back door, who had just bought her chocolate. Yes gran). Whatever the occasion VoiceGift will come and guide you through it to get the most out of you and get the best keepsake for you. I just think it’s a sweet idea, it’s a bit like finding your diary from when you were a teenager only less full of angst and self pity and it will be something you can cherish forever. My family have a recording (a bit) like this; it’s my little brother recording his favourite swear words over my mega mix tape that I wanted to play on the school bus, I’ll set the scene…I am trying to be super cool, girls just wanna have fun is playing, everyone on the bus is like “man this chick IS cool” and then the music stops…”f’@#k, f@#k, bugger, bugger…” Mortified. OK VoiceGift is probably not like that but it is a recording, and a moment, that I will treasure forever… Oh and they have a special offer on at the moment. Check them out on Facebook please .

lifeofpiThis week Cloe’s highlight is…
Life of Pi

So, when this first came out at the cinema I was every much of the opinion of take it or leave it. This film really didn’t really interest me in the slightest, and from what I could see on the advert it kind of looked like it might be meant for children.

When it started winning basically every award going I was certainly a little bit more interested, but again, I wasn’t going to go out of my way to watch it. However this week my house mate, Robyn, and I had an evening of just us and she suggested we give it a crack. So we did and I can fully say never judge a book by its cover. It was an enchanting story and the film itself was a visual slice of cheesecake for the eyes. Overall I would certainly give it a go if you haven’t seen it and like me you will be hopefully surprised!



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