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bEATS – Bristol’s New Street Food Collective

If there are two things that us Just Nice girls like it’s food and music so when we heard about bEATS ( Bristol Eats), a new collective of all the best street food vendors in Bristol combined with some local musical talent, we were pretty excited. Their launch night was held at Lakota last Thursday and I took myself down to see what it was all about.

When I arrived I was instantly pleased at my choice of food stalls: Bagel Boy, Double Moo, Meat and Bread, Pizza Monkey, Kebab Revolution, Viet Vite and Sister Gee’s Jerk Shack- Bristol street food heavy weights! I had to fight every urge in my body not to go for a Meat and Bread and instead tried a pork noodle salad from Viet Vite. I’ve always wanted to try the food from here and I do love me some noodles! The noodle salad was amazing! I didn’t really eat it I more just kind of opened my mouth of tipped it all in as quickly as I could. This is good, simple, Vietnamese food with loads of flavours going on. My one complaint? I wanted more!


So the food half of this event was an absolute winner…it was always going to be. Unfortunately I had to leave at about 8 so I don’t know what happened for the rest of the night. When I turned up it was pretty quiet and it was only the food stalls and a DJ on the decks, but as I was leaving it was absolutely heaving. My only worry is that if it’s only the food stalls and a DJ in the Yard each week that it’s not going to be enough to keep people going. But, like I said, I didn’t actually see the whole night so it might have got well rowdy. I really hope it does well as I think it’s a great idea and nice to see the food stalls working with each other and not against.


Keep an eye on bEATS over the next few months as it won’t only be Lakota that they’ll be popping up at.


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