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The Friday Chair Dancer

danceI feel like a hyperactive toddler today. I’ve spent the past two days at an event in London, where I had to stand still on an exhibition stand for most of the day (I’m definitely not complaining-my job is flipping ace!) but after two days of not listening to any music I feel like I need to have a good old run around. And by a run around I mean dance. All night. Like a nutter.

Franks and I are DJing tonight, so I’ll definitely be getting the ‘run around’ I so desperately need, but it also means I’ve been filling my ears with lots of very loud, very bashy sounds to get myself hyped up. Saying that, the ‘fill my ears with loud bashy music’ is my usual approach to a Friday afternoon, so there’s nothing particularly unusual about this week at all!

Whatever you’ve got planned this weekend get our Friday chair dancers in your ear holes and get chair dancing – there’s no other way to spend a Friday afternoon!



This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

The utterly ridiculous but equally brilliant Figaro Fist Pump by DJ Mustard Pimp. As the name suggests it samples the famous opera piece Figaro, but it’s been mashed up and bassed up to within an inch of it’s life.

The sole reason I love this track so much is because it was featured on the Major Lazer tour video, which was produced by Red Bull, and it just works so, so well. It’s messy, it’s brash, it’s loud and nasty – exactly what a Major Lazer party looks like and I, for one, can’t bloody wait.

You can watch the video and listen to the track in full below.

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Nothing, I have music paralysis. There’s so much good music filling my ear space that I can’t decide where to go first or what I want to listen to next. I’m trying to think about what I want to play tonight and I’m like do I go Disco, deep, Moombah, D&B, breaks, hip hop, dancehall….I think what I’m going to do is play it all! But I’m scared I’ll forget to play a banger. God, the dramas I live- Arrrrrgh- I don’t know what great track to play next!!!! Hang on, I tell a lie there is a stand out beast for me this week. Dubsetp producer Zomboy has a comp going on at the moment to find the best remix of his song ‘Here to Stay’ feat the wonderful Lady Chann and ADN has done a moombahton BANGER! I literally can not stop listening to this track!

Also, I want to do a cheeky second mention to the new release form Chocolate Puma ‘2000 people’- it’s going to be released on the 6th May and I have a feeling this is going to be a standard drop for me. Ah I’m listening now as I type and it’s making me chair dance like crazy, I sometimes have to stop typing to get the guns out and the bass face it on!!!!! Dance, Dance, Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week Cloe’s chair dancing to…

Daft Punk!!!

There was no music before Daft Punk – FACT! So it is probably no surprise that this week I have chosen Daft Punk’s new track ‘Get Lucky Feat. Pharrell Williams’. So this song certainly is on the softer side of their usual, however you have to love the Daft Punk twist in the middle – I can guarantee it makes you kinda want to do the robot! Also for me Pharrell Williams can do no wrong and this partnership really works. Overall the track is a ace commercial song to welcome in the summer and I am certainly looking forward to the rest of the album. Another great thing that this track has done for me is it has also inspired me to play my default album Alive all this week, which really is amazing! Welcome back Daft Punk!


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