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Ramshackle’s new resident DJ – Vote Midas!

Hands up who’s been to Ramshackle. Right, that’s all of you. Now, hands up those of you who spent every single Friday night there between approximately 2003 – 2007. Yep…still most of you.

I was certainly one of the many, many 20 somethings who used to frequent Ramshackle at Bristol’s O2 Academy (or the Carling Academy as it was known) and whilst I haven’t been for years, it’ll always hold a special, sweaty, emo place in my heart. Back in the day the music was always the same (bit of Fall Out Boy, into some Pendulum, finishing up on a bit of Andy C) and pretty much everyone I know claims to have invented the infamous Yoyo’s (double vodka and coke mixed with a blue WKD!) but everyone went, everyone danced, and everyone loved it.

Nowadays things seem to have moved on a little – for starters the crowds queuing outside on a Friday night certainly seem to be far cleaner and done up than we ever used to be! But aside from the clientèle, Ramshackle are now looking to shake things up musically, as they’re on the lookout for a new resident DJ and guess what? We think we know just the man for the job!

Our good friend Paul, aka Midas, has entered the competition to become Ramshackle’s newest resident DJ, but to be in the running he needs a minimum of 100 plays on his mix. Whether you’re into hip hop or dubstep, rock or house, his latest mix has got something for everything, so help a brother out and give it a listen!


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