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The Friday chair dancer…

It’s finally here people! FRIDAY! *Running man, running man, running man* I am super excited about this weekend, I’m excited by every weekend to be far, but this one is going to be really good because tonight an absolutely amazing band by the name of Hot D’Jour are playing at the SouthBank, Dean Lane, Southville (starts from 8pm they’ll start about 10.30pm, ticket’s are £3, come, come, come). I saw them last weekend at Start the Bus and I was blown away. I love a good bit of live music and these guys are faultless. They are absolutely full of energy and really know how to put on a show. They are described as electronic funk but they are more than that. I mean they are funky, but they are also very deep with some heavy baselines that get my body moving so much that I don’t care how I might look- I AM JUST DANCING!

Meg is being all busy and important at a work thing today (you want to see her in action, it’s very hot) and Cloe is busy being fabulous so it’s just me. I’m going to pick 2 tracks. One that I know we all love and one that you’ve just got to hear.

So, let us know what’s making you chair dance this glorious Friday @its_just_nice and


This week Frankie, probably Meg and Cloe too, are chair dancing to…

I know 100% that Meg and myself have both been chair dancing to this one because we had a long conversation about it yesterday that went something like “they are the daddies of French house” “They’re the daddies of DANCE music” “Pharell is hot” “Yeah, he’s always been hot and he never ages” “All he has to do is give me that cheeky little grin while dancing at the camera”….. I won’t continue as you don’t need to hear the Pharrell smut. Plus, I know that Cloe is a massive fan of these boys and picks them as her chair dancer often.

I am, of course, talking about the AMAZING new track from Daft Punk- ‘Get Lucky’ featuring Pharrell and Nile Rodgers. It’s funky as hell and it’s got those lovely French synth noises that Daft Punk do so well. I literally cannot WAIT for the album. I grew up on Daft Punk and they totally shaped my musical taste. And yes, they sample the shit out of everything but hey, I don’t care, they sample it into a lovely musical turn on for me.

Watch Pharrell- he’s so pretty….

The next track is by Hot D’Jour because I want you all to know what they are like so you will come tonight and dance with me! Plus Meg is going to be up front with me tonight. They play a little differently live, as all good bands should do! Also, how hot is Hollie? Very, that’s how hot. Come support your local Bristol talent me babbers!


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