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Bacon Jam (yes, really!)

Right…stick with me on this. I know the concept of bacon jam sounds downright bloody mental, but you’re going to have to trust me on this one.

When my lovely friend Laura first told me about her recipe for bacon jam I think I probably stared at her blankly for a few seconds before saying, “Sorry…what?” She assured me that yes, the concept is bonkers, but the end result is so sinfully good you’ll be sneaking back to the kitchen for spoonfuls straight from the jar – and yes Frankie – we know you did just that! Laura has excellent taste in just about everything, and seeing as we share a love of all things ‘Nan’ flavoured (think anything flower flavoured!) I knew she wouldn’t be wrong on this one, so I badgered her for the recipe so that I could test it and share it with you lot!

Laura’s original recipe makes a huge quantity, so I quartered everything and just made one jar – after all – I didn’t want to make a vat of something I wasn’t sure would even work! Luckily it worked out perfectly, and took less than an hour to knock up, so here’s how to do it!

Bacon Jam Ingredients


1 pack of smoky bacon

1 onion, finely chopped

About 4 large cloves of garlic, crushed

1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar

3/4 mug of strong black coffee

50g dark muscavado sugar (any brown sugar will do)

4 tbsp of maple syrup

A good sprinkling of black pepper


1. Finely chop your bacon and cook in a big pan until it starts to go all nice and golden. Remove the bacon and set aside, making sure to leave a few spoonfuls of bacon fat in the pan.

2. Put your chopped onion and crushed garlic cloves into the pan and cook until the onion starts to soften. Add all of the other ingredients, except for the bacon, bring to the boil, stirring continuously. Boil vigorously for 2-3 minutes then add the bacon.

3. Turn the heat down and simmer the mixture until it starts to thicken, making sure to stir regularly. It shouldn’t take any longer than about 10-15 minutes to get to the right consistency (based on these quantities) but keep stirring until it becomes really syrupy and glossy.

4. You can blend the mixture if you prefer a smoother consistency, but I left mine nice and chunky. Once it’s cooled you can store it in sterilised jars and it should keep in the fridge for a good few weeks at least.

Bacon Jam

Serve your bacon jam on hot buttered toast, or as Laura recommended, with dippy eggs – YUM! You can also use a dollop in meaty sauces like Spag Bol, but whatever you do with it be warned – it’s highly addictive!

Dippy Egg


5 comments on “Bacon Jam (yes, really!)

  1. andmorefood
    April 8, 2013

    I’ve always wanted to try something like this – what with all the candied bacon and jam floating about the atmosphere! looks great!

    • Meg Pope
      April 8, 2013

      Let us know how you get on! It’s super easy to make and is dangerously addictive and seems to go with everything! Had it on toast with cream cheese this morning – YUM!

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