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The Friday Chair Dancer

Why do four day weeks always feel so long? Maybe it’s because you have to work extra hours to make up for the two days of joy you had? That, folks, is karma. It’s life’s way of saying, “yeah, have fun but don’t get used to it. I don’t want to make this easy on you. As your dad used to say, I’m not fair”.  Well, life, you can jog on because it’s mother trucking Friday and we’re best mates and we’re going to tear it up tonight! I’ve been excited all day and I ate jerk chicken from Meat and Bread man at lunch so I am fueled for fun.

So, turn the music up and dance like nobody else is in the room (don’t worry that everyone is staring at your bass face thinking you are having some kind of fit) it’s the weekend my lovelies. Let us know what your chair dancing to @its_just_nice and on Facebook


This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

OMG so much to choose from! This week has been a stellar week for new music (shout out to Franks, @will_iam_norris, @kenjonnard and @sirjamesob for some amazing recommendations this week) but I’m going to have to settle on a bit of a curve ball.

I’m not massive on Dubstep – it has a time and a place but I rarely listen to it on a day to day basis, but this track, Forefather by Benga and Kano has changed all that.

Benga is obviously one of the kings of Dubstep, and Kano (in my opinion) is a massively underrated UK MC. This track is deep, dirty, bassy and just flipping amazing. Enjoy!

This week Frankie’s been chair dancing to…

A lot of dancehall and soca! I want summer and I want summer bad. I am so over the cold and this pasty white girl needs a tan! My hair is white blond, I’ve got some tropical streaks, and the weather needs to match this vibe. If we all think about it hard enough it’s going to happen and this summer is going to be a stinker, I can feel it. I have literally been exposed to so much good music this week I don’t know where to begin. I already mentioned the So Shifty 2013 soca mix (listen, that’s an order!) so I can’t mention that again! And I almost went for Differentology by Bunji Garlin (great track, so beautiful, and is it just me or could this song be beefed up a bit more? Producer friends, anyone want to take that on?) but in the end I settled for Soundbwoy but Stylo G. Meg actually sent this to me so credit to her for finding this beauty. This is hard and heavy and I love it. I think Duchess should battle in a soundclash- any of you soundboys up for it?


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