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That means that although it’s technically only Wednesday it may as well be Thursday, as tomorrow’s Fake Friday! As if that wasn’t enough, we get Monday off too – thanks very much Easter!

Personally I don’t have very many concrete plans, which means that my weekend could go one of two ways. One way it could pan out is that I have a very sensible, quiet weekend, where I go for a couple of runs, maybe a bike ride, have a roast and try not to spend too much money. The more likely situation is that I’ll start off with all the best intentions, then I get roped into going out by someone who’s a really bad influence *cough* Frankie *cough* and before I know it it’ll be Monday and I would have spent all my money on cider and chips, cheese and gravy.

Pros and cons for both I guess, but I have an inkling it may end being the latter!

Give us a shout on Facebook and Twitter to let us know what you’re up to this bank holiday, and as always, feel free to share what you’ve been loving this week.

This week Meg’s weekly highlight is…

polly & megGirl’s night!

Now I’m not normally one for a girl’s night out, not in the classic sense anyway. But this weekend my great mate @pollyjh is coming back to Bristol for Easter, and if that’s not reason enough to drink wine, eat curry and have a good old gossip then I don’t know what is!

Along with Frankie, Lauren and Rosie we’re going to try the newly opened Thali Cafe on North Street in Bedmo – if you’ve never been to a Thali Cafe (there’s four other branches across the city) then you really should do, as they do the best curry I’ve ever eaten in Bristol. We’ll do a full post about them (providing we can get a table and providing it’s as good as usual!) next week, so I’ll save my ravings for then.

This week Frankie’s weekly highlight is…

4 DAY WEEKENDS! I love my job, I really do, but if someone said “Frankie! Want to just dance for the rest of your life?” I’d be like “I’ll get my disco pants”. Plus, this bank holiday is going to be a good’un, I can feel it. First off, we have the Lady Polly coming down and she’s a boss! Plus, Thali! I’m all over their fish curry or rather their fish curry is all over me. If you live in Southville, go get yourself a tiffin, so worth it. Then It’s my good friend Lynsey’s birthday so it’s bowling at the lanes! I like the lanes because I get to dress all retro and there are no chavs, plus when you’ve had enough of bowling you can make a tit of yourself in their karaoke booth. All of this is followed by Laid Blak on the Sunday at East Fest. Musical Youth are headlining but I’m not sure how that’s going to be now that they are all old men. The East Fest weekend looks pretty good actually so if you are stuck for something to do I’d pop to The Full moon and Attic bar for some music, maybe some cider and probably a lot of dancing. And Monday I’ll be sleeping or maybe I’ll take my bike out……

Here’s some Laid Blak to get you in the mood

3487500109_4This week Cloe’s weekly highlight is…

My new Kurt Geiger’s!

Everyone loves a new pair of booties, especially if you have been coveting them for a while! So this week it was a bit like Christmas when my new and very beautiful Kurt Geiger’s arrived in the post – they where everything I wanted them to be and more!  They where also in the sale!!! At the end of last week Kurt Geiger went into their mid-season sale and finally my new puppy’s where included (I have been staking the boots for while), this all means I have basically saved money! The black pair have nearly sold but, if you fancy rocking them in white they are still in stock. However approach the sale with caution, you may need to restain yourself from spending a lot of money!


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