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The Friday chair dancer

pineappleYES FRIDAY! We made it!

If ever there should be a prize for the saddest, greyest, most miserable week, then surely this one would scoop the prize. It’s been flipping cold, especially considering it’s nearly April, and I’ve been on a mega post-event comedown following the #WillPower chairty gig (you can watch the video here), so I’ve been grabbing onto anything remotely positive with both hands this week.

We all know a good tune can brighten your day, so have a listen to what’s been cheering us up this week, and let us transport you to a warmer, sunnier, and all together happier place with our Friday chair dancers!


This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

When I say I’ve been grumpy this week I’m really not kidding, so when our lovely friend (and DJ Guru!) JK sent through this absolute beauty of a track from Chris Malinchak I could have kissed him.

Not only is it a downright beautiful track, but it’s a real summer anthem. When I listen to it I imagine being on the beach in Ibiza, as the sun comes up, surrounded by all my best friends. You know what I mean…when you’re at that lovely point of drunkenness when everyone loves everyone, and you’re promising you’re going to be best friends forever? Yeah…that.

JK said it reminded him of an Alfresco Disco which happened in the woods in Hanham a few years ago, so we decided he clearly didn’t live quite such a glamorous life as me. The truth is I’ve never actually been to Ibiza, so my version of events is pure fantasy, but hey, a girl can dream.

Have a listen – it’s a little slice of summer in 5 minutes.

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

There’s no time today, mad busy, probably going to have to work late. ON A FRIDAY! So I’ll say just a few words:

Rihanna, Rude Boy. Reggae remix.


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