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International Women’s Day on Passion Radio Bristol

As so often happens with Meg and myself we saw an opportunity to do something we’d never done before and thought “Yeah that sounds fun! Let’s sign up to it and get all excited, then freak out and panic that we can’t do it, then do it and smash it and live life on the rush for the next few days.” This time it was presenting a radio show on for International Women’s Day.

The event was organised by a woman called Jaxz, who runs the station so first and foremost we’d like to say a massive thank you to her for setting it all up –  a lot of work went into making it happen. We’d never done anything like this before but Jaxz was keen to get your average woman off the street to “have a go”.  Obviously as DJs we weren’t too worried about our mixes, or the music we wanted to play, but we were super nervous about talking, especially when I was told I couldn’t swear! We were also really concerned about the equipment and understanding how everything worked. Jaxz had laid on some workshops for everyone so we were not left in the dark, but unfortunately Meg and I couldn’t  make the scheduled workshops (there was one on the studio and equipment and one on interview techniques). Luckily, Jaxz being an absolute legend, booked us in for a private session when we could make it. The equipment was actually easier to understand than we’d thought, but I’m so glad that on the day we had some of the veteran Lady DJs on hand to make sure we knew what we were doing.

Lady Frank in the mix

Lady Frank in the mix

Our show went really well; I didn’t swear, Meg managed to contain her Diplo love to a minimum and we didn’t make any technical mistakes. Plus, it was just so much fun! We’re hoping that we can do it again and Jaxz has mentioned doing a bi-monthly Ladies take over which we’d love to be part of. There’s a lot of female talent in Bristol, that’s for sure!

The idea for our show was pretty simple – play the music that we love and highlight some amazing female producers who are killing the electronic music scene. Hopefully we’ll get a copy of the radio show which we can share with everyone but for now we thought we would talk about the tracks that we chose to play.


What Meg Played….

I opened with a Moombahton mini-mix, which was basically a whistle stop tour of the wonderful world of Moomba! Unfortunately I didn’t record it but needless to say there was plenty of Major Lazer, a good sprinkling of Diplo and loads of ace Moomba remixes of well known tracks such as S&M by Rihanna, Still D.R.E by Dr Dre & Snoop and Organ Donor by DJ Shadow.

After that we got straight into showcasing some our favorite female DJs and producers, and first up on my list was M.I.A. Since 2007’s Paper Planes M.I.A has become pretty much a household name. She’s also been really vocal about the discrimination she’s received as a female in electro music, famously having beef with American music site Pitchfork when they assumed that Diplo had produced all of her Kala album, when actually it was mainly her doing.

Whilst I still think Paper Planes is a great track, it’s been done to death, and it really isn’t some of her best stuff, so I chose to play Bad Girls, which was released last year.

The second track I played, Wasted Sundown by Audrey Napoleon, was one I stumbled across when I was having a blind panic about what to chose, and ended up Googling “Female DJs”. How I haven’t discovered this lady already I have no idea.

Audrey Napoleon is an LA based DJ and producer, as well as being a model, fashion designer, generally multi-talented cowbag. She’s had residencies in some of LA’s biggest clubs since 2010, and recently toured with Deadmau5. Her sound is much trancier than most things I’d normally listen to, but it’s deep, dark and a bit moody, which is right up my street. This track has a touch of Moombahton when the bass really kicks in, and both Franks and I, and everyone there on the night when we presented at Passion were dancing like loons in the studio to this!

What Frankie Played…

First up I chose to play Lady Bee. She is a fairly new producer, releasing two tracks on the 14th of Feb this year, but she has been around for a while as an MC and DJ. She started to put together some mash-ups to play out, which are great, find them on her soundcloud and from this has released some tracks of her own on Jefree’s (which is part of Mad Decent, which is Diplo’s Label- yes obsessed). The track I played is called ‘Murda Dem’ and it’s an all out, in your face, moombahton track. Basically want to know what moombahton is- this is it….

The second track came from the queen of electronic music – Bjork. When I was thinking about who I wanted to play I don’t know why Bjork didn’t instantly pop into my head! Bjork was a massive influence of my musical taste growing up. I still remember when my dad played me the debut album and I loved it. Over the years her style got darker and more experimental – she dropped the cute image but then so did I, so I definitely grew with her. The track I played is ‘Army of Me’ this track came out when I was 18 (maybe 17) and at the time I was listening to a lot of Orbital and leftfield and here is this crazy chick producing music just as hard and heavy as the men. Bosh.


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