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What we think is just nice this week

Snow in March and it getting really cold again so you can’t wear any of the spring clothes you’ve just bought. Jokes! I hate that! Seriously though, what is up with the snow? I think I might write to Watchdog or something, ask Ann “what’s her face, ginger, winky eye” to sort it out!

Dear Ann (I can’t remember your surname but I like it when you wink),

I have just purchased some extremely small shorts that have this really cool, kind of Aztec fabric panel on them and I very much want to wear them with my cowgirl boots that have eagles on the front. I’m also thinking about buying a cap, you know, the old school kind with a snap back, plus I have new round sunglasses but I can’t wear any of these things because of the weather. It’s snowing and it’s really cold and I don’t want to look like one of these silly girls who walk around with no tights, and wearing pumps, even though it is freezing! So, can you just get it sorted please as this is really not on.


A fellow ginger


This week Frankie’s highlight is…..

Soreen malt loaf with butter. I bet you have forgotten how good it is. I command you to go and buy some, cut a few slices (toast it if you want but watch you don’t burn the raisins), cover it in butter (proper butter) and enjoy. That’s it. Soreen-malt-loaf-006

This week Meg’s highlight is…


Yeah, yeah, I know this makes me sound like a bit of a smug prat, but do you know what? I’ve worked bloody hard to get to this point so I think I deserve to be a little smug!

I’ve always hated running, or exercise of any type for that matter, and for the past year or so I’ve been forcing myself to run. My theory is that a) if I can get to the point where I enjoy running then I can do anything and b) if I run I can eat as much cheese and wine as I like and not get fat. Both of these points are kind of true I suppose.

Anyway, in the past couple of weeks I’ve had a running revelation. Not only have I actually started to enjoy it, but I’ve actually felt like I HAVE to do it. This is a huge deal for me, and is also a big step towards me being able to run the Bristol 10k in May. *gulp*

2469648_MEDIUMThis week Cloe’s highlight is…

Having a tasty home cooked dinner.

This is a fairly obvious one this week because I reckon that most people do love a home cooked dinner. However the reason why my dinner last Friday night was so nice was because not only did my boyfriend cook and washed up everything, but the recipe he used was truly delish and surprised us both! It was just a quick and easy one from BBC Good Food and something we had not tried before, but it’s safe to say it was a triumph! The recipe is for Chicken with mushrooms and has the added bonus of pancetta and peas being chucked in! We had it with greens and mash and would certainly recommend it to everyone! (I am salivating just thinking about it!)


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2 comments on “What we think is just nice this week

  1. andmorefood
    April 8, 2013

    congrats on finding running mojo! I got it 9 years ago and never stopped – the trick is to mix it up a bit with music and intervals. good luck with the 10k!

    • Meg Pope
      April 8, 2013

      Aw thanks so much for the support! I hit a bit of a wall over the weekend, and ran 6k hating every second of it, but persevered and went out again today and it wasn’t half as bad!

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