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Exploring Bristol with Vivi In Stile Peroni

A few weeks ago we had an email from the lovely people at Peroni, of Italian lager fame, asking us if we fancied taking their new lifestyle app, Vivi In Stile, out for a spin. Being the app/Bristol nerds that we are, we jumped at the opportunity, and considering our review of Bristol lifestyle app Hidden Bristol has been one of our most popular posts, we figured you guys would love to hear about it too (it’s all for you people, all for you!)

By its own admission, the app aims to “give consumers the unique means to feel inspired by and gain access to a stylish Italian lifestyle throughout the seasons”, with different versions available for six different cities across the UK. It centres around Food & Drink, Fashion, Events, and Design, and with several different functions, allows the user to find relevant articles, recommendations and city guides from British and Italian taste makers, including the team behind cultural e-zine Urban Junkies, fashion journalist Gianluca Longa and Italian fashion designer Fabio Novembre. Fancy, huh?!

So armed with our smart phones and with the boys, Will and Klynton, in tow we headed out on Saturday night to see if Vivi In Stile could inspire us to try something a bit different on our own doorsteps.

What Meg thought…

When I first downloaded the app the first thing that struck me about it was just how slick and user friendly it is. Maybe I’m just a massive geek but things like the ‘flick through’ function on the ‘Esplorare’ tab and the GPS map function, that allows you to see where’s close to you, were little touches that really made this app a little bit nicer than your bog standard ‘What’s around me’ city guide. It all just felt a little bit stylish!

Peroni Vivi In Stile

Peroni Vivi In Stile

The range of restaurants and bars to chose from is varied, but as Franks pointed out, a lot of the places listed are well known, so won’t come as a surprise to those familiar with the city. We decided to try Primrose Cafe, which the app describes as “Hamsptead Heath mixed with Montmartre Paris” as none of us had been before.  After all, we’ve heard amazing things about it – you can read Cloe’s full review from a few months ago here.

Following the app’s recommendation we popped over to The Albion for a few drinks before dinner. The Albion’s a bit of a Clifton institution, and although it’s a tiny bit more expensive than most pubs (Clifton prices baby!) it’s a lovely ‘proper’ pub, with a spacious covered courtyard area which is heated all year round. It was packed when we arrived, but we managed to grab a table outside and got the ciders in – we’re Bristol girls through and through!

photo (4)

Primrose Cafe certainly lived up to the hype – the atmosphere was lovely, the food was amazing and our waitress, Beth, was absolutely brilliant. Between us we chose a selection of dishes  from the menu so that everyone could taste a bit, and none of it disappointed. Franks and I couldn’t manage pudding, but Will and Klynton had both clocked the Banana Tarte Tatin on the menu, and shared one. They managed to demolish it quicker than either of us could take a photo – it was that good!


Red Pepper and Harissa Amuse Bouche Soup with home made bread and butter.

photo (3)

Venison terrine with lentils and rocket.

photo (2)

Pan fried seabass with scallops, ginger and greens.

photo (1)

Franks and Klynton doing their best “fancy Clifton faces”

After two bottles of a very lovely Rioja between us, we weren’t ready to go home just yet, so had a look to see where else the app could recommend for a post dinner drink. One of my favourite cocktail bars, Amoeba, was listed, so we headed round the corner to pay them a visit. If you haven’t tried Amoeba before then give it a go – the staff really know their stuff, and will happily make you your own tailor made cocktail to meet your taste, and as Vivi In Stile says, “the atmosphere is laid back, with great company and even better music”.

What Frankie thought…

I think Meg has summed up the app really nicely so I don’t want to repeat what she has said, so here’s the 1 minute break down:

Why I like it: it looks slick, it’s got a good amount of solid Bristol eateries, bars and shops, it’s got a GPS map to help people like me who never know where they are or where they need to get to, it reduces the “ummmm eeerrrr where should we go time”.

How they could improve it: Update the events, add more independent restaurants, bars and shops. (These points are fairly small really as it’s a new app I’m sure they are going to do this anyway.)

As for the places we went on the night…

The Albian, you’re a lovely pub but I don’t think we get each other. It’s not you it’s me, I like my pubs a bit more ‘can of red stripe and music in the back room’ it was never going to work out between us. If you like a traditional sort of pub, that serves good ales, has a nice outside spot and friendly staff then this is the place for you.

The Primrose Cafe on the other hand was right up my street. This place has bags of charm and I just can’t fault one single thing about it. The atmosphere was wonderful, the food delicious, the wine excellent, and the staff were lush (we wanted to take them home with us which started a whole “who would you like to keep in a cage” conversation which I am glad they did not hear).

And finally we went to Ameoba, I like this place because I can go to the bar and say “Gin!” and they give me a really nice cocktail. And here are some pictures of our food so you can go “oooooh, I want some of that”

Devilled crab on sourdough toast

Devilled crab on sourdough toast

Roast rabbit leg in parma ham, mustard mash, white wine and cream

Roast rabbit leg in parma ham, mustard mash, white wine and cream. Ignore that this looks like a penis. It was proper tasty.

Yummy yummy Rijoa

Yummy yummy Rijoa

The verdict…

If you’re new to Bristol, or often find yourself stuck for ideas on where to go for dinner or a drink, then Vivi In Stile will be absolutely perfect for you. It’s got some of Bristol’s most well loved locations listed, and whilst there currently isn’t a huge amount to choose from, and as Franks says, some of Bristol’s hidden gems aren’t featured, it’s only a matter of time before they are.

If you’re a seasoned Bristolian like us then chances are you’ll still find that it’s a really useful app. The map function will make those “Oh where should we go for a drink?” decisions easier to make, as you’ve got it all there in front of you, and the places recommended are definitely some of the best well known venues that Bristol has to offer, so the angle is certainly quality over quantity.

Vivi In Stile is available for free download on Apple here or Android here. Give it a go and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment, tweeting @Its_Just_Nice or dropping us a line on Facebook.

Meg is cool

Meg is cool


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