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The Friday chair dancer

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is all about celebrating how far we’ve come in terms of equality, but recognising that there is still some way to go. I don’t want to man bash, yes I am a feminist but I am not anti men – some of my best friends are men – but blokes who say things like “why isn’t there an International Man’s day” SHUT THE SHUT UP. I’ll take my bra off right now and slap you around the face with it.

We’ve mentioned it before by Meg and myself will be taking Duchess onto the radio today. Passion Radio are letting the ladies take over the station today to celebrate International Woman’s Day and to show off Bristol’s female DJ, presenter and production talent. We are super scared but also very pleased for the opportunity. We’re going to do some mini mixes of what we would normally play out so moombahton and electro house and loads and loads of bass. We’ll also be giving well deserved shout outs to some ladies of bass rocking the electronic music arena.  We are on from 10-11 get online and have a listen:


I’m flying solo today so

This week I’ve been chair dancing to….

An amazing lady by the name of Lulu James. Not sure where this girl popped up from but she was suddenly on my Souncloud feed and her voice is hauntingly beautiful. It’s the kind of voice that makes me stop what I’m doing, take a few breaths and just enjoy letting it wash over me. The song I have picked is called “Be Safe” it was produced by Hostage and Kidnap Kid, who are two of my favourite producers (Hostage’s remix of Nina Nesbitt’s “Boy” is timeless) this is fairly mellow and easy on the bass but trust me you’re going to be playing it over and over….


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