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What we think is just nice this week

Kittens, Apples, and Ice cream- in that order.

I bought a pair of dungarees and some crop tops yesterday which means Spring is a coming! I literally can not wait to get out my mid drift, put on some pink heart shades, order a 99, stroke a kitten and eat an apple. It’s going to be great.

Here are some other nice things.


This week Frankie’s highlight is…

sexy soundCouncil tax breaks and money back from British gas meaning I can afford a new pair of Sennheiser HD25 SP II’s. I didn’t go for the super expensive , I’m your daddy, HD 25 II’s because they are like an extra £80 (mine were also in the sale) and I had to pay back the bank of dad for lending me money so I could fix my gas supply pipe (yep, as exciting as it sounds). The sound quality on these bad boys is incredible! I haven’t played with them with my controller yet but I’m pretty sure that they are going to make me 100% a better DJ. I very nearly went for a pair of Monster tear drops but only because they look so awesome. I then slapped myself for being a twat (I do this often) and reminded myself that I love music and that I want to be able to hear all of it in perfect quality. I’m going to take them home this weekend and parade them in front of my dad who will probably get out his fancy (I can’t remember the  model) headphones and we can geek over which delivers the best sound. If you’re interested in a pair they are only £80 from Curry’s or PC world at the moment, which may seem like a lot for headphones but trust me it is an absolute bargain!

This week Cloe’s highlight is…

imagesGirls night!

Yes, that’s right my highlight this week is going to be my ‘Girls Night’! Now I know what you are thinking; why is her highlight of a group of girls getting ready, drinking Bacardi breezer’s, planning on going to Oceana, falling in and out of taxis and finishing the night with some cheesy chips. Unfortunately that’s not the kind of ‘Girls Night’ I am really talking about… What I’m talking about is for the past 4/5 weeks myself and my best friends, Holly and Robyn, have come together (usually in my bedroom) to watch the series Girls, have a nice dinner and eat a lot of scones with clotted cream and jam (a totally underrated treat). If you haven’t seen Girls yet you are missing out, it’s amazing! Not only is it very funny, it provides an accurate portrayal of what real life is really like and we are all hooked! It’s basically about a group of young women living in New York and it’s about what happens in their lives. Don’t be fooled by this description and think it’s another Sex in the City like program, it’s not and is completely different in a truly brilliant way!

Having a ‘Girls Night’ is ace! Making the time to set aside 1 night a week to see your friends, have some ace food and watch a series is so much fun and I would recommend it all to everyone! (especially the scones bit…)



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